Jan 28, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 28 - I write for....

Blog Dare - Day 28 - I write for..
This is an easy one..I write for me! Yes I do this for me, I love to write have always loved to write and will continue to love to write for the rest of my days. It helps me relieve my stress and things and helps me in more ways then I probably realized and I will continue it on and on. Two of my children take after me on this .. My middle son Chris and my only daughter Jessica both love to write! So yea they are just like me and my youngest son loves to listen to music and he has very nice handwriting and takes after me in those ways as well. Love writing..it is what keeps me going is writing and blogging and having friends to vent too. That really helps!

I'm almost done moving!

I'm almost done moving and back to norm! Almost...still have a few things as far as furniture at the other house I need to get over here and then finishing up my room and that's about it! It will take the most part of today and then finishing up and that will be it..done! Back to norm for the most part finally!!
I have been bringing it from over there to over here and then putting up and going through as they bring in the boxes so I think that has helped me get this house settled in faster doing it that way..we will see.
Still isn't done as far as the decorating and so forth but that will be next week/weekend when all that comes into place!
Have a great weekend everyone, going to try to get caught up on my blog dare now

Jan 27, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 27 - You don't know me...

For this blog its called...You don't know me...You don't know me, so don't judge me is the first thing that came to my mind and then you don't know me so don't tell me what to do unless you have walked in my shoes.
I used to write daily in my journal and then that stopped..the writing I mean not blogging on the PC. Then I got into blogging and use to write daily about whatever came to my mind on my myspace blog and that's where I got the addiction so to speak for my writing and journaling again ... Blogging. I love to write about whatever and anything.
I used to want to write when I was younger. I wanted to write about the things that went on in my life and how I don't know my bio dad and how my mom kept it from me until after my grandfather died and I called my dad that was named on my birth certificate and he is the one that told me "you know that I'm not your bio dad right?!" well then that opened up a whole new chapter in my life that I had known nothing about and that makes me wonder..what if I wouldn't of gotten up the nerve to call him and talk to him would I of ever of learned that he wasn't my father? I didn't know him..never met him except when I was born and when I was a year old..by that time my mom had divorced him after I spent my first birthday and Christmas in Germany.
So it wasn't until my last child/son was almost 2 years old that my grandfather died and then and there for some reason I decided to get ahold of the father that I thought I never knew and wanted to get to know..turns out he wasn't my dad..I guess he just was put down as my father on my BC because he was there and married to my mom...that's another blog for later on...

Jan 26, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 26 - An annoying myth or wives-tale.

One of the myths that I hear that I think is annoying is that stay at home moms don't work as hard as the moms that actually go "out in the real world" and work. I don't agree with that at all. I am a stay at home mom but I also work at home. Yes it can be challenging and especially when I first started about 10 years ago when the kids were still pretty little and weren't able to do things by their selves but I made it work and continue to do that today. Its easier today since they are teens but when they were smaller it was challenging but the good thing is that they were old enough to be in school and I would just work when they were in school and then was off when they got out of school and then I helped them with homework and all that good stuff :)

I understand that moms that work out in the real world work hard too but I believe that were even because we each work and do our own schedule of things and live our lives as we want and need to in order to keep our household in line and for some of us its just not where some moms can work at home and I get that just like in some instances its moms like me who just would rather stay at home and work my own hours and such and heck even stay in my pj's when working and taking calls etc if I choose too.

Jan 25, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 25 - My Grandparent's house...

Blog Dare - Day 25 - My Grandparents house was one of my favorite places to go to when I was a kid. There house was so pretty and everything was in place and there was never any dirt to clutter around. Everything was so perfect and in its place. So many pretties everywhere! She had the China cabinet in the formal dining room and all of her pretty dolls and things sitting on her bed in her 2 spare rooms and her other little pretty curio cabinets on the walls and the tables that had the pretties sitting there and on top of the TV. When I grew up and had babies and went over there she still had the pretties sitting around but it would make me so nervous with my little ones over there that they would accidentally break something or pick something up and drop it! They never did that I remember..they always seemed to listen really good to me back in the days when they were little so that's really good.
My grandmother has since moved out of the house that I used to go too and loved to spend time with them there. I haven't even been to her "new house" which was or is her last hubby's house in the Oklahoma City area. I only met that hubby once and then he was gone..so sad! I loved him he was a nice man that treated her good. BUt I will always remember her and my grandfather first one in that one house and all the memories there will never die..they are faded somewhat unless I think about them but I remember special times with each of them. I miss my grandfather, lost him to cancer when my youngest son was almost 2...its  been 11 years or so since he's been gone but I will always remember the special times that we had together. He use to let me sit in his lap in his blue work van and took me to his greenhouses and walked around there and talked and let me feed the ducks in the back at the pond when I was a little girl...missing him dearly! My grandmother is still around, saw her in Oct or so..will go visit her soon...

Pics of house!!

 The top pic is the pic of my oldest son's room and the back door
 Kitchen again and my side by side fridge that he got us..door going into utility room..huge room!
 Hall from living to kitchen
Living room

More pics later on...

Jan 24, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 24 - I wasn't suppose to see...

Blog Dare - Day 24 - I wasn't supposed to see...hmm I don't know..lets see..maybe something that I have read or maybe one of my kids doing something like getting into my snack stash when they weren't supposed too..not too sure about this one..might have to do some more thinking on this one and come back because this answer is definitely boring!

Jan 23, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 23 - the most vivid dream...

The most vivid dream...I have a lot of vivid dreams. I can't remember any off of the top of my head...just bits and pieces. I love dreaming and thankfully most of them lately have been great dreams and happy dreams...hoping that they continue that way and that some of them come true!

Jan 22, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 22 - Snow days...

Snow days...they are few and far between around here in southeast Oklahoma. I wouldn't mind them so much if we actually got snow here! We have a couple of times since we've lived here for 2 years. I am use to the other side of the state but have lived here closer to Texas for the past 2 years and not going anywhere since we just moved here in town to a bigger house. So I would love more snow days...maybe we will get some..never know!
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