Jun 1, 2012

Tab at wal-mart

Hubby got emotional at Wal-Mart earlier.....we had went down the soda pop isle and he was looking around and saw a 6 pack of the soda Tab in the pink cans...remember Tab??

I remember it but haven't had it in years and years! He got emotional...it was one of his moms favorite soda's that she always drank and had to have...So he bought a 6 pack of the Tab soda...and then he bought a honey bun and a butterfinger..that was her thing...It was his birthday yesterday...he said that he couldn't of had a better birthday then finding the Tab which neither of us have seen in years!


  1. Hello, we had a rough night too. Sick little boy, up till 2, then back up at 6. Hope you have a chance to get some rest today. I am now following and found you via 'Aloha Friday blog hop'. If have a chance stop by and visit me at http://thebargaingame.blogspot.com/
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Hi Angela,
    Thank you for following me :) I am now following you, nice blog. Looks like a lot of great deals.


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