May 25, 2012

Work classes start soon too :)

So I also got enrolled in my class for work this week!! Awesome!! I am thrilled about it too! It also starts on June 4th. I am taking it in the evening for 4 hours so that will be fun so that during the day I can work and spend time with my kids some and do my college courses.
Its going to be a busy summer but I am really happy to get it going! I have been waiting awhile for the work class to start and now its right around the corner!! So thrilled!!! So I will be doing the work course for about 4 weeks I think June 4th-July 6th so yea that will be cool and then I can work and still do my managers job with that company during the day and make sure that my agents are doing good and not having issues with the classes etc. Some of the classes last for a few months which is going to be challenging but I know that they can do it as long as they keep thinking positive! After 3-4 weeks they start doing calls for a week then they go back to classes for the 2nd half and then do another week of calls and then back to the 3rd part I think but either way I have faith in the agents that are enrolled and ready to go!
Still hiring more. We need to get some great new agents in and get them ready to go and in the classes so that they can start there career in customer service working at home. Yes its a real job where you work at home and take calls inbound calls for major companies not a work at home business or opportunity..a real job where you make $8 to do customer service  I love the customer service field and once I got into doing the Real Estate admin 3 years ago I so fell in love with it!! So I figure work the customer service part time with the manager position and make good money there and while doing those study up and do the Real Estate thing to where I can do that as well which is something that I love!
I am determined more then ever to make this a great year. So far its been full of its ups and downs but I know that it will keep getting better....better lasts longer then the rough patches..sometimes it just takes time to get through the rough patches....

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  1. The beginning of the classes are also the beginning of rainy season. That's why Philippines Weather warned us to get ready for this coming rainy season.


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