May 27, 2012

Sat outside for awhile with Bunnie :)

I took Bunnie my white calico outside earlier this evening and she had fun on her daily outtings..she just laid in the grass and was relaxed and enjoying being outside. My daughter stayed with her as I  sat on the porch and just looked around and thought how thankful I am here in the US and free...The sky was so pretty outside and not to hot or chilly or anything nice out..
I know that times are hard all over the place and I hear about more and more people losing jobs and places closing down etc and wonder when will it get better? But then I realize the bad can only last so long, the good is around the corner..somewhere...We are very lucky and blessed that we aren't in other countries where people are walking around the streets with guns and so sad...And that brings me to thinking thank you to all of the soldiers that are fighting for us and have fought for us and will fight for us. So thankful!! I am thankful daily when I wake up in my house and have the freedom to do the littlest of things that people in other places and countries don't have...and instead of listening to the bad news stories all over the place..I really wish that they would do more on the good things going on around the US and other places as well..I have stopped watching the news channels completely but I still get twitter and so that is mostly how I hear about the bad things going on but its nothing to what the news channels have to say usually they are non-stop with bad things...
Have a wonderful upcoming week everyone..enjoy the last few days of May 2012

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