May 25, 2012

Officially Enrolled and Registered in Summer classes! RE career starts!!

I am so flipping ecstatic!!!! I am now officially enrolled and registered into two classes for the Summer sessions one and three. I am taking my Real Estate class to get started in my Real Estate career and then I enrolled in a keyboarding class...there wasn't too many classes to choose from since I just now was able to get into them! But for the Fall semester I am SO going to be enrolling extra early as I can and get the classes that I need in. I can't wait!! So excited. Classes start a week from Monday and instead of spending $202 at the college bookstore, the guy told me that I could order the books somewhere else..duh! Why didn't I think of that! Good grief so I went on Amazon and got both of the things that I needed for $113 or so!! Much cheaper then the bookstore. The one thing for keyboarding with the software new at the bookstore was over $150 or so new and I got it on Amazon for $80 I think it was and then the other book that I needed at the college bookstore was $50 and I got it on Amazon used for $18 I think it was then the tax and the shipping is what brought it up to the $113 or yea saving money! Not too sure why in the world the book at the college bookstores are so high but they are! I would rather do the used book since I will be using it one short semester and then sell it cheap to someone else needing it next semester or something..
So everything is done, enrolled and paid for and the books paid for and on the way!! Can't wait!

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