May 26, 2012

Last weekend in May already!!

My goodness..where has this year gone??! I swear it seems like yesterday we were bringing in the new year which wasn't starting off that great but is getting better and will only continue to get better and better!
Rough patches with family, they are family but they aren't true family! I have been the black sheep of my family since the day I was born!! Not looking like my mother, not looking like any of my other family and not knowing until I was 30 who my bio dad was/is!!
I lost the only 2 people in my family that I feel gave me a fair shake so to speak on being grandfather and my uncle...lost them both to cancer a few years ago. My grandfather its been over 10 years and my uncle .. A little over 3 years now..I miss them both so much!
The rest of my family (aunt and especially mother) has never treated me like I think that I deserve to be treated because I look so much like my bio dad, not blonde hair and blue eyes like mother dearest!
This year my family proved to me once again and to my children sadly enough there true colors through and through!! My mother, half-brother, aunt and one of my cousins showed who they really are and who I have known they are for years but my kids never realized what they really were until this year!! Not at all good either!
Don't understand how they can be so rude, mean and just outright hateful! It doesn't matter they are that way to me, BUT when you bring my kids into it...oh hell no!! Get ready for a fight!!!!
They will live there lives and wishing them the children will continue to live there lives with me where they belong until they are grown and live there own lives but I will never treat them any different when they are grown and on there own from now. I will always be here for them no matter what and although they might not always get everything that they want want want they will always feel the love that I show them daily!!
Since my family is out of my life and my children's lives I have felt so much stress lifted off of my shoulders!!! Yes I still have stress but nothing like they were piling on me!! So good luck to all of them, I know who my true family is and even though they aren't "blood" related they are my family and have been since day 1! My friends and there families they have always been there for me anytime anywhere no questions! And they don't judge me when I got down and when I made mistakes they were there for me as I am for each of them. My best friends and there families are the greatest. Most of them I have known since back in high school..I love that they are special to me and we still keep in them each and every one!
So as this last weekend in May is coming up on us...I realize that almost half of this year is gone and by the time that half of this year is gone I will have bigger and better things in my life.
I'm moving up in my job..I'm a staffing manager and really love that, along with taking a course for my work and I am bettering myself education wise as well with taking courses for my upcoming Real Estate career which I am extremely excited about!! I have worked in customer service over 10 years and for the past 3 years I got into the admin part of the Real Estate field and absolutely fell in love with it! So i want to further my career goals by staying in customer service that I love so much but also studying more Real estate so I can do more in that field as well.
Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone.

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