Got accepted into the Summer I & III sessions of college!!

Friday I got an email from the college that I wanted in..just a community college so huge University or anything. I got accepted in again..and this time I am going for Real Estate!
I figure since I have done the customer service for over 10 years and love it so much and then had the 3 years or so of doing admin work in the real estate field that heck why not push myself and go for Real Estate.
The way that I look at it, no matter what the economy is doing no matter how many people are losing there jobs or making new ones, there is always houses for sale, for rent and there are always people wanting to buy/sell and rent so why not get in the middle of it all and start making some really good income doing something that I love doing..customer service and real estate.
I love working the back end of it all. I love doing the contracts and calling and following up with the banks and the buyers and sellers and making appointments to show homes and so forth. So I am thinking that getting on my own and doing this that I can move forward whether its in the way of doing the admin work in the office work or maybe getting my license and listing homes myself. Or whether its off in another direction in the real estate field..its an active field that isn't going anywhere that's for sure and having so much customer service experience is a great thing to have when going into that field. The last thing that you want when your looking to buy, sell or even rent is someone that has crappy customer service (business/company wise) who business that I came up with years ago might just eventually make the spot light in the real estate field. How awesome would that be?
I am so proud of myself moving forward with many of my goals that I made for myself this year...I had made a list of goals for me to do this year and they are coming along ... Feeling good about this year even if its been a trying year so far..I think that its going to be getting better for me and for my kids...