May 14, 2012


Good afternoon everyone,

As you all probably know I am a stay at home and work at home mom. Well for one of the companies that I have worked for just recently I wanted to fill you all in on them so that they will eventually be shut down and stopped completely hopefully!!
If anyone from the Resource Center calls you OR if you see an ad anywhere about a loan and promising to loan you money but for you to pay it back a little at a time etc...something that sounds too good to be true...DON'T do it! They don't want money upfront that isn't there scam, the scam is calling you getting ALL your information from you and then they will send you a "CHECK" but the thing is you won't get it until about a day or so before your payday then even if you don't cash it they will take the amount that you owe them out of your bank account the next day or two after you received the check!!!

A customer received a check for $100 on Thursday, the memo on the check said that they would take out the payment on the 11th which was the next day BUT in the enclosed envelope it said on the paper that if he didn't want it or changed his mind etc then don't cash it and it wouldn't be taken out...WRONG!! The next day Friday morning the amount of $143 was taken out of the account and hasn't been refunded yet!!

QuikTax1 is his id on skype and QuickTax on Elance (work at home job bidding site) SO BEAWARE he is a crook!!!

Here is one link to a complaint about him and the company

**Update** Well after I left the guy some messages he called and talked to the customer a few times and by Wednesday/Thursday the customer had the money back in his bank account! I told him that I knew what he was doing and it wasn't right! So I would still stay away from this character though!! 

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