Apr 5, 2012

Another client to work with!

Wow, the list of clients is getting longer and longer this week!! I am so excited to be working with such great people and I have a great team that I am managing as well! I enjoy working from home and helping others do that as well.
And the great thing is that this isn't a "business opportunity" its real legit WORK! Administrative/virtual Assistant work that I do from home and help clients that need things done.
I am so looking forward to building my team even bigger and better. I have great contractors under me now that I manage and I am looking forward to expanding my team in the near future to accommodate all of the clients and work that we have lined up!
So thankful and grateful that I have found such a great company and boss to work for and with! She's pretty awesome as a person and business person/boss.
Have a great Friday everyone, happy the weekend is here once again, time to relax this weekend and enjoy a movie...Mirror Mirror and Hunger Games and maybe something else, not sure yet..enjoy the weekend..


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