Mar 12, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 12 - 10 things I have yet to accomplish.

Hmm, 10 things that I have yet to accomplish...

Buying/owning my own home
I have started my own business but I haven't made it as "out there and known" as I would like too.
To travel all over the US
To go to the ocean
Travel overseas
To write a book
To get a college degree
To get my real estate license 
Live a happy fulfilling life..working on this one...
To put each of my children through college..only one is old enough to go to college, the other 3 have a few more years to go and then that will happen.

I have to say that I have accomplished one thing and that is raising my kids right to live a good life and even though we aren't made out of money and don't have everything in the world that they want, they do have everything they need and I believe that being a loving and caring mom out weighs the things that they don't have like the fancy name brand clothes and all that stuff that is just that..things that they will outgrow and grow out of eventually...they will NEVER outgrow the love that I have for my children! Its unconditional love and no one knows the love that a mom has for each of there children!

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