Mar 11, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 11 - being a first time mother...

Being a first time mother has opened up my eyes to a ton of things. Its brought a new meaning to the word love into my life.  There is something about having something living inside of you that brings all kinds of emotions and such in you that you never realized you had before. The way that you can feel the baby inside you move and kick and live inside of you is nothing short of an absolute miracle but then to actually be a first time mom and seeing the baby for the first time and hearing him/her cry for the first time and then the emotions that go through you when you hold and see the baby for the first time is just amazing and wonderful. You forget about the pain and just concentrate on all the other emotions ...becoming a first time mom was the greatest day of my life!!!! And after my first, it was the same with my other three children that followed...the greatest days of my life was the days I gave birth to each of my children. I am so blessed to have such great kids. Yes they are teenagers now and yes we have our moments and all but what teens and parents don't? I love them each unconditionally forever and always.

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