Feb 27, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 27 - A beautiful view from my window would be ....

A beautiful view from my window would be a waterfall. That would be so relaxing..a waterfall and nice trees...I would love that to be a view from my window. I love trees and nature and wouldn't mind living more outside of the town/city rather in the midst of it.


  1. I would want the mountains.. I sooo miss them...
    And I totally love this blog dare thing. I might do that next month instead of the NaBloPoMo

  2. Yea I would love to see some mountains too..don't see many of those here in Okie ville!! LOL..I love the blog dare!! Its awesome, love it and hope I can keep on top of it for the rest of the year, I'm pushing myself :) Join in, looking forward to seeing what you have to say :)


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