Feb 11, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 11 in Feb. - Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear....I think that the one biggest fear that I have overcome is standing up for myself. I have been in a family that has done nothing since I can remember is put me down no matter what I have said or done, gone to college, got married, been married for 17 years, tackled some marriage issues and raised 4 great teenagers. I have stood up to my family in more ways then one and have taken up for myself and they now know that if they have something to say that they better not say it behind my back and better come say it to me and if they do and its wrong and disrespectful to me and they do it in front of my children they will lose the right to visit my kids until they apologize and say something nice or as the saying goes "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!!" And that is now the rule for my flipping family!

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