Have you filed your taxes yet?

Hey there everyone, have you filed your taxes yet?? I did ours on the 12th knowing that they wouldn't be starting to accept them until yesterday the 17th but I wanted to get them done and out of the way...Not sure that was soon enough though..we still haven't gotten accepted as of yet..darn it so that means that we might not get anything back until the 1st or so? I am still hoping for next Friday..we will see. I need to get the truck and get to moving into my new house  Its huge and I love it...5 bedrooms for 600 a month can't beat that! Each kid gets there own room and they are a nice big size and the front room is big too and its wood floors! Ceiling fans in every room..even the kitchen! And one on the front porch!! I have never seen one on the front porch but we have one! Kinda cool! And there are hooks on the porch too for the swing that my daughter and I want to get sometime soon  Can't wait to get there and get moved in and settled...love it and will be sharing pics soon