Jan 10, 2012

Blog Dare Day 10 - Fave Retro Toys

Blog Dare Day 10- favorite retro toy
Well I had a couple of them..first was the first nintendo. I use to play mario on that everytime I could get away with it and played it over and over for hours while talking on the phone to my friends

I also miss my cabbage patch doll...Ireta Gertie was her name...pretty little thing. My dad Bo fought for her at the Kmart I believe is where he got her ... That isn't exactly her but its close to her :)

When me and the kids were at my moms house back on Christmas Eve...she showed us a box of some of my stuff that she found...it was Belle and Snoppy ... How I love Belle and Snoopy! And also my Bert and Ernie alarm clock/radio!! Miss that too and I remember it and she kept it...going to get it the next time were there and going to put it up at my new house and I will take pictures of it and show them on here I found the picture of my alarm clock below!! That is the exact one that I have!

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