Apr 2, 2011


Do any of you work with/for Arise or have you ever heard of them? I got hired by a company that goes through them to do their clients and also to take the darn classes and I put in my interest for the freaking class that I wanted the other day and it still says interested on my status and I am still in the other class although I skipped it last night b/c I am just freaking sick of it! I don't like it and I didn't want to be in "sales" to begin with..so now I am trying to wait patiently and see if they accept me then if they do well great but if I only have 24 hours to pay I will be out of luck until Friday! Ugh!!
I am going to work on my recruiting business until its time for the classes to start in about a month or so..good grief its going to be a long wait!

2nd of April

Well so far this month has been ok...nothing exciting today. Relaxing and drinking a nice red strawberry daiquiri .. Seems to hit the spot! Today sure flew by though...nice ;pretty day out..sunny and 85 or so. So yea its just a nice relaxing evening, have a nice Sunday

Apr 1, 2011

Working Class

Do you watch Working Class on CMT? I do and I enjoy the show. I love Melissa Peterman, she's so funny and such a great actress. I loved her on Reba and I definitely love her in this show. Tonight was the finale show for the season, so hoping that they will do more and more seasons. Its a good show and these days in my opinion, there aren't all that many "descent" shows for the family to watch like back in the 90s and 80s when I was growing up.
Anyway, earlier tonight at 6:30 CST on Facebook, Melissa Peterman came on there and was chatting and answering questions from her fans. I made a comment to her that I loved the show and she was answering and wrote back fans and I was one of them! I put it on my Facebook! I am so thrilled!! LOL..yea I know its something little and all that but first Reba on her live video chat a couple of years ago answering my question and now her! I love it!! Reba answered my question "what is your favorite chocolate candy or something like that..favorite chocolate and she said them all!! LOL..I got that on my youtube! I love it!! I can't believe that she said MY NAME and answered my question! Yep she did back in 2009 in Aug I think it was or July..either way I loved it and cherished it and got to save the part where she answered my question and I put it on youtube  Yep loved it!!

What a great April Fools Day :)

Hey there everyone,
Today was a pretty good and relaxing day for me, despite being a very busy and somewhat chaotic day it was a pretty good one. Last night I didn't get that much sleep at all, I went to bed around 9:30ish but woke up around 12:15 or so and decided to get up and pay bills online and get all that stuff tended too so it would be one more less thing that I would have to do today. So after I paid the bills and took care of a few things, we decided to go ahead and go out to the casino for a little while, we did pretty good won about $150 or so between us, nothing too high but enough to play on for a long time. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got some things. Things sure add up fast, food and necessities and a few other things and that was nearly $300! Good grief and things are continuing to rise and not drop that's for sure! Then we went to McDonalds..that was a trip! Went to Love's and then came home by about 6! Yea long morning. We got the kids up ready for school and they helped carry things in before they left, they love helping like that so they can glance in the bags and see any surprises that I picked up..rotten kiddos! Then before too long they were out the door off to school. 8:00 rolled around and back in bed we went to get a couple hours of sleep, and that is exactly what we got, a couple of hours. I got woke up about 10:15 or so. So we got up and got ready and as slow as we are lol we finally got ready and headed out to a town about 20 minutes or so away, not too bad of a little drive and I enjoy it so that's all that matters. Anyway we went to Cici's there for the first time. Wasn't too sure where it was but we found it without too much difficulty. It wasn't the best I have had for a "Cici's" disappointed and the people in there ..  Omg they were too way too overly friendly. I mean I like the people that work in places to of course be nice and friendly and greet you and all that but these people were just sucking it up way way too much. Anyway we stayed there for a little while, my oldest son Jared requested that we go there for his birthday which was yesterday so we went there today since hubby was off today. After Cici's we went to Hastings and they were freaking expensive! Not like we remembered from back where we use to live that had one..we like gamestop much much better!! Jared found him a headset for his xbox 360 so he got that and then we went to Sams. Can't go there without running in Sams and getting a few things and our few things ended up being $136 or so dollars!! Good grief again things add up so so fast! But we got quite a bit of good deals I think so that's a great thing. Then we headed home and when we got into town went to Gamestop to see if they (hubby and son) could find a game that they wanted, they did and so we got them a game each and came home....long and busy day on a little sleep!
When we got home it was a few minutes after 3 which was a few minutes before the kids started getting home. When the kids got home they helped unload the van...again and then me and hubby headed out again to Save a Lot and Dollar General. We got a few things at Save a lot and then went to Dollar General and got a few more things, he got his schedule for next week, he works 3 mornings this coming week and he's off on Sunday!! That never happens! That's laundry day so I am sure that my daughter will be happy that she won't have to go with me and that hubby will..haha!
I am now sitting here relaxing and downloading a game on gametap. I need something to just put myself into and relax...its been a stressful last month and I need to start this one off as relaxing...so far, so good

Mar 31, 2011

My first child turning 18 today!!!

I can't believe that my first child Jared is turning 18 today at 12:16pm...in an hour and 3 minutes...where has the time gone?? I love him more and more each day. He has grown up so fast, he's become a great person and is a great son and I know that he will be a great adult...time flies so fast and I miss all the cute little things he did when he was little and now its all about him and his games and such and not so much about mom...At least I still get my hugs on a regular basis and a kiss on the cheek now and again out of the blue so that makes my day :)
He got his birthday money from me last Friday so that it wouldn't be late, since we get paid Friday's, so he took his money and went and got his self an xbox 360 at gamestop. He's happy and that's what he has been wanting so that's what he got. Were not doing too much today but we will be taking him out to eat tomorrow for a pizza buffet that he's been wanting for awhile now, its out of town so were going while the younger kids are in school and he can enjoy it and have peace and quiet like he wants and asked for.
Happy  18th Birthday Jared!!

Update on training class...

This has been an emotional day as it is...but here is the update first on my class...BOO! LOL..I didn't get in the class that I wanted b/c of whatever reason they were unfair and didn't put me in the class so that is out...the next client that I am interested in is lets just say another company that is in the same business as the one that I wanted in. The crappy thing, is that the class doesn't start until 5/2 so that leaves basically a month before it starts!! It lasts a month and that's all good I don't mind that but geez it sucks that I have to wait a freaking month for it to start..I am thinking about  just relaxing and waiting until the class begins and then that's less stress on me...then I was thinking well if I did something part time that would be good too so I am looking into doing some recruiting in the next month until the class starts. Will blog about that more here in a few...So that's the update..still in the class I don't want to be in but that's life and I just need to go to it tonight until I get accepted into the other one and pay $50 for it and then that's that...hopefully!!

Mar 30, 2011

Are you on Facebook?

So I was reading on one of my friends status' today and I saw a link that he posted and it caught my attention.....and if indeed this is true, which it looks like and sounds like since it was a news story then I might be going back to myspace or wherever else because I REFUSE to think for even a second that something I say on fb might get my account disabled b/c the  owner doesn't like the criticism going around or whatever other reasons! I have the freedom to speak how I want when I want and that's what I am going to do and by all means if he chooses to go and read on my status and see this blog and read it etc and chooses to disable me then so be it there is nothing I can do BUT believe me I will be telling others and others I am sure will be telling others and WE as a WHOLE are way more then just ONE person in which I think has let this whole "facebook" thing go to his head!!!!!

WHY would you disable someone's account because of what their status said even if it criticized you or if they commented on your blog or whatever the guy did, that is  just ridiculous! And then delete a group that has been on the site for FOUR years but just now decide that you w ant to delete it for whatever the reason that he gave. I have seen very XXX rated pictures sad to say of one of my friends on there and she is STILL on there and wasn't removed for that and so with her posting those pics and not being removed/disabled but for someone to say something and be disabled is a bunch of BULL and I refuse to be a part of that. ALSO this article states that the information of ours is sold to other companies for a fee!!! When we put pictures up on our fb and then decide to delete one or more of them b/c of whatever reason, its not completely deleted off of fb..they still have it on there and that is part of what they are also selling as I understood it!! 

IF I wanted my information sold then maybe I would sell my OWN info and get the money for it otherwise I REFUSE TO LET SOMEONE ELSE SELL MY INFO AND GET PAID FOR IT!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

Ok so I have said my peace on this and now that I have..I am going to go to MySpace and also back to MyYearbook I believe was the other one and I am going to be going to them on a regular basis as well since I am thinking that someone will see this and disable my account as others have been for saying less!!! So whatever it doesn't matter..I will still have my friends and they still know that I love them so whatever with FB if he's going to be that way then the word will get spread around...so whatever happens happens

You can click the title of this blog and go to the news article and read about it for yourselves.

Mar 29, 2011

Training Class

Since I am having so much trouble with this class, no thanks to my computer being too "uppity" basically for them to handle, which makes it a compatibility issue, I wrote my boss last night and told him about the issues and such that I was having and being the great guy that I knew that he was/is, he called me and talked to me and said that we will try to work something out for the other class that starts on Monday the 4th which is the one that I wanted to work in the first place but anyway so he called me we talked and then he called me back and said that they are closing the enrollment as of Wednesday so I would have to get in and get it paid etc by then, which I can't do that until the 1st so that left me thinking uh oh this might not happen, but long story short, I am still in the first class..staying in there until things are final that I am enrolled in the class that I wanted to be in to begin with and that it starts on Monday and then once everything is ok and fine I can stop out of this class and won't have to deal with it...Yay!! I emailed him before class earlier tonight and thats when he said that they will enroll me in the class tonight and I will just pay it back Friday!! YAY!!!!!!! I get my way and am back on the original schedule/path/client that I wanted to be so I am really really really excited. So the class that starts on Monday is one of the ones that has 2 phases and I will be taking it for 3 weeks and then one week of calls and then finishing it out with another 3 weeks of class and then working...at the end of it though, I will last through out the whole classes I will get a $300 bonus!!! Which I am very much looking forward too and like and with this class now, that wasn't an option. Also with the 2nd one that I wanted first, its fifty cents more an hour and unlimited amount of weekly hours! Which I loved that to begin with too!! So I am excited happy and relieved!

Trivia Today

Today's Trivia - March 29th 2011

Today is Texas Love the Children Day, a day to recognize every child’s right and need to be loved, enacted by the Texas Legislature in 2002.

     Today is Coca-Cola Day.  Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton concocted Coca-Cola on March 29th and introduced it to the public on May 8th, 1886.

     Borrowed Days begin today. According to calendar legend, March originally had only 28 days, while April had 33.

     Today is National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day.

      Today is National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day.

      Today is Memorial Day in Madagascar.

      Today is Youth Day in Taiwan.

 On this date in . . .

1886: Coca-Cola was launched in Atlanta as an Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage.
1962: Jack Paar left "The Tonight Show" and an audience of eight million. Fill-in hosts filled in until one of them. Johnny Carson, got the job. Paar had hosted the show for five years. Steve Allen was the original host.

1984: Baltimore Colts employees arrived at work to find phones, chairs, desks, even the coffee machine gone. During the night 15 moving vans had moved everything to Indianapolis. A secret NFL franchise move that surprised everybody.

1985: Madonna made her movie debut in "Desperately Seeking Susan."

1987: Hulk Hogan took 11 minutes, 43 seconds to pin Andre the Giant before 93,136 "Wrestlemania-3" fans at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan. Another 2.5 million watched on pay-per-view TV.

1990: The world's largest yo-yo was launched from a 160-foot crane in Jasonville, Indiana. Built by the woodwork class at Shakamak High School, the yo-yo was 6-feet in diameter and weighed 820 pounds. It yo-yoed 12 times.

1991: City officials in Encinitas, California, warned that children had begun a dangerous activity by venturing into sewers searching for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

1994: Dallas Cowboy head coach Jimmy Johnson resigned after leading the team to two consecutive Super Bowls.

1995: M&M’s announced that voters had chosen blue as the new color to be added to their candy. Over 10-million voters chose blue over pink and purple during the two-month campaign.

1999: In Anderson, Indiana, 20-year-old Amber Scott, whose car was being dragged by a train, frantically used her cell phone to call her mother and 9-1-1. She said she prayed for seven minutes before her car finally hit a railroad sign and was knocked loose from the train. Amber said it was a miracle she survived with only a concussion, bumps and bruises, and a sore back.

2001: Chuck Sozio of Melrose, Massachusetts, won a whole set of appliances because he had the oldest operating Frigidaire in the U.S. And Canada. Sozio's fridge, made from wood and porcelain, was still operating after 77 years. He still used it in his garage. The Frigidaire contest drew 5,300 entries, many from people whose fridges dated back to the 1930s.

2003: Michelle Kwan became only the third American to win five World Figure Skating Championships, after Dick Button and Carol Heiss.

2004: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined NATO.

     Q: Originally, was Coca-Cola: (a) green; (b) red; or (c) orange?
A: Green. It would still be green if they didn't add color.

     Q: According to the American Optometric Association, can playing video games: (a) help a child’s vision; (b) hurt a child’s vision; or (c) both help and hurt a child’s vision?
A: Played in moderation, video games help sharpen a child’s vision skills, eye-hand coordination, and visual reaction time. However, playing for hours without a break stresses the eyes and can cause headaches, blurred vision, and itchy eyes.

     Q: How old was the girl Glen Campbell left behind in "Galveston:" (a) 16; (b) 21; or (c) 27?
A: 21.

     Parenting Wisdom: Some parents could do more for their children by not doing so much for them.

     Fun Fact: The word "tip," meaning a gratuity, was originally an acronym standing for "To Insure Promptness."

Mar 28, 2011

Army Wives - last nights episode most watched in series!!

Wow!! That is awesome!! I love Army Wives and "have to" watch it every Sunday night no matter what!! I have to sit down and relax for that short hour on Sunday evening's no matter what I have going on. The kids get ready for bed early and go to there rooms and be quiet because they know that mom's show is on and if they start trouble there is sure to be consequences of a lecture and groundings on the next commercial break!!! LOL

I was one of the record setters that watched it last night..did you? Click on the title to go to the article about it.

Loreal Paris - Double extend Eye Illuminator Mascera - Review

I will be trying out this product today/tomorrow and seeing what I think about it and then I will give my full review of it. I like the idea of it, I think that it will be a great product to use and buy.


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Mar 27, 2011

Shaiya - another game that I'm trying

So I am trying this game since I can't get logged into Runes of Magic, and apparently I am not the only one since the forum is full of complaints stating that they can't get logged in either to the game but can to the forum and site and acct management etc...grr!

Anyway I looked around and found the game Shaiya its an Aeria game and its pretty good. I have played it a couple of hours this evening and so far I like it pretty good. Its not one where you can level up that fast..have patience with that part. It doesn't tell you where the things are that you need to kill are either so your walking around wondering where they are ... but its fun I enjoyed it.

Runes of Magic - has anyone played this??

Has anyone ever played this game?? I started the download last night right before going to bed b/c I knew it was going to take awhile and I was right, got up this morning and then it had to do all the updates which took another 30 mins or so and then I tried to log in and no go!!! It won't let me log into the game but it will the site?! It says that its "processing" what the heck?? I mean really??? I went to the forum and sure enough others are griping they are having the same issues and then not to mention that in the activation email or another email right after that one, it says that you can log in and start playing right away...NOT!!! What the heck is up with that??!! Takes forever to download/update and then it won't let you log in the game but it will the site?! Crazy crappy thing! So needless to say I'm ticked b/c I was looking forward to it and now nothing...grr!

I got to log into the game today for about 10 mins or so. I like it so far, went through the tutorial to learn a little about it. I am getting ready for my class to start so I couldn't go running around and doing stuff but tonight after class I will be checking it out more.

My goodness its confusing to start out in this game...still not too sure where to go and what to do and I am not to sure that I will be playing it that much. Liking Shaiyla way better and simpler.
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