Feb 12, 2011

Review on game Vindictus

I downloaded and played this game today for about 20-30 minutes and it just sucks!! Now I will say the graphics were pretty good. but the gameplay just sucked because of the way that you had to use the arrow keys to move and the w,a,s,d and other keys to fight and turn the cam with the mouse!! Its just crazy and I didn't like it.

Hubby's ramblings about work

So he comes in and gripes that boy this day just sucked and starts to tell me how it was busy and he didn't get any extra work done that he wanted to get done because it was just non-stop busy up there. He works at a Dollar General. Then he continues to tell me that he had to keep going back and forth from the floor to the register to help get the customers tended too. And then once I guess it got a little slower he sends the cashier on break, once he did that a few minutes later a guy comes up there and says the he is hurting and blah blah blah and that he slipped and fell on dog food or cat food in the isle. So hubby goes back there and looks and he said that there is a square on the end of one of the bags of cat food and food spilt on the floor. Hubby and another girl had been going down the isle all throughout the day and nothing was wrong with any of the bags. He said that it looked like someone intentionally cut a hole in the bag and did it on purpose. The guy was younger then hubby he said and hubby is 42 so hmm well anyway, hubby called the manager that needed to know and she will file the report on Monday since he can't do it and the guy was acting like he was hurt and sore so he wanted him to call an ambulance so hubby did...he had his car right there in the parking lot and I don't know but the sounds as if the guy did it on purpose. Hubby took pictures of the isle and things and DG will look into it...ugh!
Not that it wasn't enough for all of that to happen but the customers were lining up the isles by the time that he had taken care of the guy! Geez!! And then the guy  that was/is the cashier up there...my goodness they need to watch better who they hire! The guy told hubby as he was taking out the drawer to count it oh there is some buffalo nickels in there and some guy paid me for them? And that he could give him the nickels and take the $1 in place of it and keep the change....uh huh and if that wasn't bad enough then hubby counted the drawer and it was $5 over and the cashier told him oh well you can just take it out and give it to me because I really need it and could use it!!! Are you kidding me??? Really??? Good grief!!!! So yea he had one of those days that where something went wrong every other minute instead of right! Glad that I had a nice relaxing day off here at home!! I know that Monday will be chaotic enough so glad that I am off the weekends!

Card my daughter made me :)

This is one of the cards that my daughter made me....so sweet!

front of it 
inside it

My fur babies :)

Bunnie - my spoiled rotten calico baby.

Cupcake - another rotten baby :)

Finally a nice quiet and relaxing evening!

I'm sitting here relaxing and trying to catch up on things and just enjoying the night, kids are quiet...YAY! They are actually getting along and playing in the living room. I am so glad that I moved my office back to my bedroom where its quiet and less stressful for me. My kids are teenagers so they shouldn't be that much trouble and usually they aren't really trouble like little kids but they are usually pestering and hollering stop or don't or so and so did this or so and so said that etc. Does this sibling rivalry crap every really stop?? My youngest is 12 1/2 years old and my oldest is going to be 18 at the end of March. How time flies!!

Anyway, tonight I am proud of them all because I haven't had to holler at them but once maybe twice and they stopped!! They are in there getting along and for the most part being have and being quiet!! YAY!

You can work at home - try odesk to find jobs

I know that this is a hard time for a lot of people. But seriously if your really wanting or needing to work from home, look for a job on odesk. Its free to join and all you do is fill out your profile and then you can bid on the jobs that you want. I have been working through them for a few years now and I absolutely Love it!! if you want to help me out and let them know that you found them through me, then click on the banner. Its legit and hundreds of thousands if not millions of people use it every day!! Best thing about it is after your done with your first week, you get paid every week. So this week which was Monday-Sunday you get paid for it a week after that. I love it!! You can choose to get paid through paypal, payoneer or you can have the money go to your bank account and YOU can choose a different one each week if you wish. You choose when to withdrawl the money. They put it in your account and then you can choose when and how to withdrawl it.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Watched Little Fockers last night

So I will say this about it...its definitely Not for kids!! It was good though and I was laughing in the first few minutes of it. Its a little "out there" in regards to certain parts that I really thought were unnecessary but it was funny and good...just not for kids...which I can understand because of the other 2 movies which I haven't seen in awhile but from what I remember the first one, wasn't that bad and ok for the kids to watch..unless I forgot something in it! LOL..but this one was good and they left it to where its open for yet again another one. Could be interesting. And what I loved about it, is the fact that all the original people in the first 2 were in this one..you know sometimes they do a 2nd or 3rd movie and all the originals aren't in it or they replace them or something with others but not in this one. And I love it! So if your looking for a good laugh and you like the Fockers  Go watch it and enjoy.

Saturday slowly coming to an end...

So it seems as if today is really going by slowly. I don't mind, better then going by extra fast I guess and it gives me time to get some more stuff done it seems like. I can't believe that its nearly the middle of Feb. Already. Crazy how this year is just flying on by.
There are so many things that I want and need to do this year...Things that need to be said and people that need to be seen. Hopefully next month or the end of this one will get some of the things done and said and next month hopefully get people seen like I want too.
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

Justin Bieber Never Say Never

My daughter so wanted to go and see his movie Never Say Never but its not playing here at all so were out of luck for now. Thinking about driving 20 mins or so to a town to where I know its playing next Friday just so she can go and see it. She loves him!! My parents bought her one of those cardboard stand up life size Justin Bieber for Christmas! LOL..yea she screamed and had a fit and loved it!! I will never forget that and then she got 2 cd's of his and a ton of posters of him and oh my goodness the girl is crazy about him!! I remember those days back in my early teen years when it was Kirk Cameron and Ricky Shroder and oh definately Michael J. Fox :) He was one of my faves too! Times have changed so much since when I was a teen and I'm not that old!! LOL..

Feb 10, 2011

Do you listen to radio online?

So Leon was playing around on his psp and came across this
Its completely free to listen too and of course you don't have to listen to the 80s, that's just my fave

Weather for tomorrow!! Dang when will it be over???

TimeForecastChance PrecipWind
AM Bus Stop7 am Thu
Mostly Clear
13°FMostly Clear
0 %NNW 7 mph
Lunchtime12 pm Thu
0 %NNW 3 mph
PM Bus Stop3 pm Thu
0 %WNW 4 mph

waking up to 13 for the 7am bus stop!! BRRRRR

Neighbors parking in front of MY house...Irritating!!

I usually don't complain to much about the little things. But its just getting on my very last nerve lately. Our neighbors on one side of us haven't even lived there 2-3 months and this is the umpteenth time that they have parked in front of MY house!!!! They have a driveway and in front of their own house they could park at and they have a carport to park a vehicle in/under but do they do that??? Nope they would rather park in front of my house and this time they parked to where the mail man can't even get to the darn mailbox!!! How irritating and its not like were in apartments or something, were in houses and they have 3 freaking vehicles and they can't figure out how to park 1 in the carport, 1 in the driveway and the other one in front of their Own house!!! Nope they park in front of mine!!! One of their friends one day had asked me while I was outside if they could park in front but it was closer to their driveway then my mailbox and because he asked I said that's fine but dammit I am about to blow my lid on them for parking in front of my house by my mailbox...it looks like its my vehicle and it looks like I am the idiot parking in the street and not giving the mailman room to deliver..ugh!!!!
I've went over there and knocked on the door...no answer so I am leaving it alone for now but I swear if they freaking move the truck out of the front of my house I think that I am going to go and park my van in front of my house but close to their driveway and see if they get the hint!!! Geez!

And the snow is here again...

So this morning when I got up, everywhere outside was white. Lovely white snow. The crappy thing was that it was sleeting ice instead of snow though so that's not a great thing. Kids were out today and out tomorrow and I'm thinking that means Friday too more then likely b/c of the crappy conditions with it being in the single digits or teens its not going to melt and go anywhere and its going to freeze and refreeze etc and its just nasty! Oh well what can ya do? So here is a pictures of our front yard this morning...we are so NOT use to all this snow!!

Today has been a very LONG day!!

Today has been a very long day for me. I worked ALL day long and into the evening too. The 2nd job is good, she's really putting a ton on me!! She's got me going in 50 billion different directions!! She says this and then skips off to this and then something else and its just everywhere but I am taking notes and making to-do lists and getting things done but I swear I thought it was never going to end earlier tonight! I guess that's what I can expect from taking on the other job but good grief!! Yesterday was my first day and it was ok but today was just pure chaos! I tried to get as much as I could done but when its all said and done it doesn't look like I did that much at all!! I guess b/c most of it was the training and watching training videos over things. I'm learning new things that's for sure. And learning that she's not that organized. When your in real estate you would think that you would be more organized meaning that you would know where every lease agreement is or at least have it faxed to yourself in an email or have it in a doc place somewhere saved like docusign if nothing else but nope she lost not only her lease agreement to her office building space but also the lease agreement to one of her rentals. Good grief! And she's wanting me to get a hold of them and see if they are going to pay rent or just outright evict them and then I will file all that paperwork and such if I can ... Oh brother! I don't mind its just a lot to take on and get use too. I would of had the contact info in one of my calendars or one of my emails or something somewhere but she doesn't so I have to try to get a copy of her lease agreement for her office space and the lease agreement somewhere for the tenants! I hope that I can help her get more organized and keep things in files and such here like I do for G and then save them on the PC too.
Then she was mentioning how she's going to be hiring people from India to do some work on SalesForce and how I will be helping them and checking in with them etc. I will be her except I will be called the Transactions Coordinator..yep that's me..coordinating everything from Doctor's appointments to travel arrangements to evictions and more. I love it though. I absolutely love the Real Estate field and am still considering maybe getting my license and then I can do more for her and G too.
Ok time to go to bed, 6am comes way way too early in the morning. Kids are out again for snow..fun! And its another day of full time work for me 9am-7pm or so...another long day!! At least tomorrow night is payday and I can get out and go to Wally world tomorrow night if its not to bad here with the ice and snow.

Feb 9, 2011

Another snow storm headed this way...just peachy!

Another snow storm is headed our way....wonderful!

Heavy Snow / WindPartly CloudySunny
CloudyHeavy Snow / WindPartly CloudySunny
Feels Like: 34°HighLowHigh
Past 24-hr:
Precip: 0 in
Snow: 0 in
Chance of Snow:
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Precip:
From SE at 15mph gusting to 20mph
NNW at 23 mph
NNW at 13 mph
WNW at 6 mph

Feb 7, 2011

Relaxing and listening to Delilah on the web :)

I am trying to stay relaxed tonight. I need to stay calm and relaxed before starting the 2nd job. I had put in for another job when I didn't hear from her this morning when she was supposed to call so I had another interview with a guy earlier this evening too and he said that he was going to continue some more interviews tonight and tomorrow and then let me know something probably tomorrow. So if I end up getting that job too then it will be full time and I will put my full time one on notice since I'm not getting the hours that I want with him right now. I'm really hoping that I get it with him too. I talked to him on Skype too. I put in for that position on guru.com  and not even 5 minutes after I put in for it I got a message from him saying meet me on Skype and I did. The other one was on odesk.com I love both of those sites. I hadn't been on guru.com in awhile
So tonight I am trying to get my thoughts straight and figure out things and just take it easy and listen to Delilah on the net. Lots of love songs but not too sappy tonight! LOL...
I have a ton of thoughts on my mind and trying to figure things out. I need to get my desk more organized tomorrow and make sure that I have enough paper and ink and all that stuff on hand for the extra job(s). And I need to make sure I get things before the bad weather rolls back in Wednesday...fun!

Got hired for a pt job tonight! Yay!

So I got hired for a part time job in the real estate field earlier tonight. my day had started out crappy but thankfully it ended pretty good. I am excited that I got hired for this position. Its part time and its what I need to get some more income coming in right now since refund sucked this year I need something else. I enjoy being an Ind. Contractor and working from home. I think that I need to get out more now and again but its just to cold to get out very much these days but this spring/summer I plan on getting out more taking the kids out and going so being stuck in the house will continue until nicer weather gets here.
I enjoy the real estate field. Was even thinking about going back to school and getting my license as a realtor..not too sure if I want to now or not..haven't completely made up my mind. I know that it would be worth it to take other office courses so I might do that and then the realtor ones. Not sure yet.
The lady is very very talkative! She was just a talking up a storm on skype earlier and then she called me and chatted rather fast but that's ok I can handle it as long as she makes a list to go with what she needs me too do and doesn't just rattle it off! She said to give her a couple of days to get things together that she wants me to do and then she will get on skype and say lets start and that will be that. So I can't wait.

Wow another interesting Bachelor tonight!

I really can't believe that Michelle is still on the show!! I just don't understand it!! And the nerve of her to go to his room!! That was just not right and uncalled for and the way that she keeps getting mad at him for nothing and he even told her that it made them go steps backwards and yet he gave her a rose still?? That's just crazy and outrageous! I swear I just don't understand men sometimes and this proves that he's not thinking with his head on his shoulders. I just don't see what the heck he sees in a conniving girl like her..ick!
Next week .. . Oh brother and the way that they were laying on the beach and her all over him just makes me wanna get sick! Along with some of the other ladies on the show and others watching I'm sure! Oh well still can't wait until next week! Maybe he will give her the boot then!

Ready for the Bachelor tonight??

Wow, am I ready for the Bachelor tonight!! I saw Brad on something talking the other day about how hard it is to keep quiet about it all...wow! I don't know if I could do that!! 
Anyway, I am really really hoping that tonight is the night where he can finally get up the nerve to decide that Any of the other ladies in my point of view anyway is better then Michelle!! She has got to go!! I don't know what the heck the thing is still doing on the show unless of course its for ratings and if so shame on them!! I don't like her, haven't liked her since the first time that she came up and interrupted Brad and a girl chatting. I think that it was rude of her and then on the last show..omg she is just so out there and just needs to go....now! The sooner she's gone the better the house can be relaxed. Geez I couldn't even begin to imagine all the chaos and drama that had to of gone on in that house while she was there!
Can't wait for it tonight!! At least that gives me something to look forward too after this crummy Monday I have had!!! 

Today in History Feb 7th

Trivia Today
February 7, 2011
     Today is Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day, sponsored by Tom & Ruth Roy of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, who urge everyone to "wave hello and mean it." (wellcat.com)
     Just Say No to Power Point Week begins today.
     Also, this week is National School Counseling Week, Publicity for Profit Week, International Networking Week, and Risk Awareness Week.
     Today is National Fettuccini Alfredo Day.
     Today in Independence Day in Grenada.
On this date in . . .
1940: Walt Disney's cartoon movie "Pinocchio" premiered at the Center Theatre in New York City.
1944: Bing Crosby and the John Scott Trotter Orchestra recorded "Swinging on a Star" for Decca Records in Los Angeles.
1954: At Chess Records' Chicago studios, Muddy Waters recorded "I'm Your Hootchie-Coochie Man."  
1959: Over a thousand mourners attended 22-year-old Buddy Holly's funeral at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. Holly's pregnant wife Maria Elena, who miscarried shortly after her husband's death, did not attend.
1964: Pan Am Flight 101 arrived in New York City bringing the Beatles for their first American tour. Some 10,000 fans were waiting at Kennedy airport. Baskin-Robbins introduced a new ice cream flavor called Beatle-Nut.
1965: Beatle George Harrison had his tonsils removed.
1971: Women in Switzerland finally won the right to vote.
1975: The R. Rodden family’s Saint Bernard set a world record in Lebanon, Missouri, by giving birth to 23 puppies. Only 14 survived.
1979: Burglars blew a safe in Bielefeld, Germany, and the whole building collapsed around them. It seems the safe was filled with dynamite.
1985: Sports Illustrated published the largest edition in the magazine's history at 218 pages -- its annual swimsuit edition.
1986: History’s most productive duck died in Princes Risborough, Great Britain. The Aylesbury duck laid 457 eggs in 463 days, including 375 days in a row.
1994: Retired Chicago Bull star Michael Jordan signed a baseball contract with the Chicago White Sox.
1994: On a visit to New Zealand, Prince Charles was sprayed with air freshener by a kooky Kiwi who said he "wanted to remove the stink of royalty."
2001: Doctors said a man in Kirov, Russia, survived an eight-story fall off a balcony because he was so drunk. Snow also softened the blow, but the man still broke five ribs and doctors said the fact he was so relaxed probably saved his life.
2002: While leaning through a car window trying to steal a radio in the Israeli town of Beersheba, a thief accidentally pressed a button and closed the vehicle's electronic windows, trapping himself. The owner heard the thief yelling for help and called police. The owner rescued the 34-year-old thief just as police arrived.
2003: The longest-living recipient of a self-contained artificial heart, 71-year-old Tom Christerson, died at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, after living 512 days with the AbioCor heart.
bullet Singer Garth Brooks is 49
bullet UB40's Brian Travers 52;
bullet Bon Jovi’s David Bryan 49;
bullet Comedian Chris Rock 45;
bullet Actor James Spader 51;
bullet Actor Jason Gedrick 44;
bullet Actor Ashton Kutcher 33;
bullet Actress Tina Majorino 26;
bullet Basketball's' Steve Nash 37;
bullet Basketball's' Juwan Howard 38.

     Q: Has comedian Chris Rock completed educational requirements for his: (a) GED; (b) BA; or (c) MA?
A: He dropped out of high school, but later got his GED

     Q: For fast, temporary relief of an itchy omphalos (AHM'-fah-luhs), would you start scratching near: (a) your top; (b) your bottom; or (c) your middle?
A: Your middle. In fact, omphalos means "center." It’s your belly button.

And so the Steelers came up short in the super bowl...darn it!

So I watched the first little bit of the game, then I turned it back on during the end of the half time and watched most of the 2nd half. It was a pretty good game for the 2nd half at least what I saw. Its a shame though that the Steelers lost because now I owe 2 friends something lol and not too sure what it is yet..I'm sure he will come up with something good!
Congrats to the Packers...I usually don't watch any games but the Red River game which is the TX vs OU game but this one was fun..
Have a great upcoming week.  

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