Jul 7, 2011

My training log in party tomorrow!!

I can't believe that its July already and that my log in party for my training for ATT that starts next week is tomorrow!! I have been waiting forever it seems like to start this class and now the time has come that tomorrow were having our log in party to make sure that we can get logged into everything which I have and then some. I like being ahead of the game if at all possible.
Can't wait to start class Monday evening, its going to be challenging sitting here from 4-10pm training but I know that I can handle it..its just going to take a lot of patience with the kids learning how to not come in here and ask me something every few minutes! Leon has been working days so he better get use to being here in the evenings and dealing with them because I won't be able too and he will have to be doing his college too. At least the kids are teens and not little kids so they can take care of themselves for the most part and don't need so much supervision from us as they once did. They are still growing up way way too fast!
I can't wait to start the training though and to get a steady stream of money coming in every 2 weeks, that will hopefully help cover all of there back to school stuff when the time comes in a month!

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