Jul 5, 2011

LOL...my son and hubby being silly

So were sitting here talking about naming one of our orange kitties, we had named her Garfield when she was a baby not knowing that she was a she and not a he. So now that she's older and we realize that she's a girl hubby said hmm wonder what Garfield's girlfriends name is..so he sits there and looks it up on the net and turns around and says its Pene-lope (yep Pena lope) LMAO!!!! I busted out laughing and said how do you spell it? He said Penelope...I said Penelope not Pena lope!!!! And then my oldest son sitting on the bed said "Isn't that a fruit?"  and again I start laughing and I said son you mean Cantelope!! LMAO!!! Uh huh after the day that I've had I needed a good laugh and there it was!

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