Jun 29, 2011

The Casey Anthony Case - fixing to be wrapped up!

I have tried not to watch/listen to this case/trial but every now and then I sit down to relax in front of the TV (not too sure really why I do it knowing that there isn't really too much on besides the depressing 90% of the time news! Anyway, I turned it on HLN and of course the trial is on and I heard the end of George's testimony or actually maybe it was a recap not sure anyway, I saw it and I feel for that man, I do. I don't think that having an affair or not having one should make a hill of beans difference in this darn case and also unless there is proof and they take the part of the "Casey saying that her dad molested her into another case or something" she doesn't have my sympathy in any way at all with that..because I think that she's full of it!! The darn defense needs to leave the man alone and let him grieve and just be done with all this..end it once and for all.
So anyway then I saw the grief counselor on there when the prosecution was questioning her (that guy Ashton is good!!) anyway poor little Casey sitting over there rubbing her face with a Kleenex every now and then when the lady was talking about going through different ways/phases of grief etc, but when they were talking in the beginning of finding Caylee's body showing pics etc I don't remember any tears falling then?? They are only falling when it pertains to her and what a well anyway what a she-devil I call her she was. I am not judging, its not for me to judge but based on what I have read/heard and seen there isn't any proof that she didn't do it!! The thing that has me is WHY did she go out partying and live her life when her 2 year old was missing? Didn't tell her mom until 31 days After she was gone?? Makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever and that along with the trunk of her car smelling like a decaying/death just says that she did it and hid it for awhile!!
Anyway they were saying that they (the defense) hopes to wrap it up tomorrow!!! Wow then honestly I don't think that the defense did there job because it has really kicked them in the butt if that is all they have!
I just hope that this ends soon and she's put back into a jail cell never to come out b/c that's what she needs...she just disgusts me..just like those other sick mothers that come to mind that killed there kids...one drove them off into the river or ocean Susan Smith I think her name was and the other one that drowned each of her 5 kids in the tub at home!!! They have mental issues and need help big time!!! Along with this girl but she is sane enough...I think that the jury sees that hopefully and she will get what is coming to her...so sad!!

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