May 4, 2011

Can you believe its May already??

Kind of hard to believe that its May already. Almost the first week of May gone!! Its the time of the year for graduations and then summer stuff like a trip to the lake and to the pool and barbques and all sorts of fun things. I am looking forward to it but not the hot summer..I could deal with 70s all year and I would be happy!

Wanting to take a short family road trip this year...but not sure we can pull that off just yet so we will wait and see. Everyone is growing up so fast....time flies and before we know it, school will be out for the summer and then back up to starting again. Then it will hit the holidays and be next year!! Wow where in the world has this year gone so far?? 

Have a great rest of the first week of May everyone. I am looking SO forward to the weekend. My plans have changed and we will be probably staying home for the weekend and I will be enjoying my adult cool aid called Strawberry Daiquiri Friday and Saturday night!

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