Apr 1, 2011

Working Class

Do you watch Working Class on CMT? I do and I enjoy the show. I love Melissa Peterman, she's so funny and such a great actress. I loved her on Reba and I definitely love her in this show. Tonight was the finale show for the season, so hoping that they will do more and more seasons. Its a good show and these days in my opinion, there aren't all that many "descent" shows for the family to watch like back in the 90s and 80s when I was growing up.
Anyway, earlier tonight at 6:30 CST on Facebook, Melissa Peterman came on there and was chatting and answering questions from her fans. I made a comment to her that I loved the show and she was answering and wrote back fans and I was one of them! I put it on my Facebook! I am so thrilled!! LOL..yea I know its something little and all that but first Reba on her live video chat a couple of years ago answering my question and now her! I love it!! Reba answered my question "what is your favorite chocolate candy or something like that..favorite chocolate and she said them all!! LOL..I got that on my youtube! I love it!! I can't believe that she said MY NAME and answered my question! Yep she did back in 2009 in Aug I think it was or July..either way I loved it and cherished it and got to save the part where she answered my question and I put it on youtube  Yep loved it!!

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