Apr 12, 2011

Hiring Recruiters Today!!!

Good afternoon everyone,

I am looking for recruiters to help me fill job orders. I have 100's of them that I need help with getting them filled.

If you are an experienced recruiter or if your new to the recruiting world either way,  please send in your resume for consideration. I am hiring NOW!! TODAY!!

The least that you can make with this position is $500 for a placed candidate that gets hired, most of the jobs are 2-3 times that amount or more. I am just stating the least so that you are aware that might be a couple of low ones but 95% of them are way more.

This is a COMMISSION BASED position.

I prefer that you live here in the US, speak/writer English and you are able to call US numbers in order to pre-screen your candidates.

Part time or Full time is up to you, you make your own hours.

If your interested please send me your resume and I will get back to you within 24 hours (usually way less then that) I am hiring daily so please send in your resume if you would like to be a recruiter with me.

Email me your resume or fax it to 888-704-1448

Have a great day.

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