Apr 2, 2011


Do any of you work with/for Arise or have you ever heard of them? I got hired by a company that goes through them to do their clients and also to take the darn classes and I put in my interest for the freaking class that I wanted the other day and it still says interested on my status and I am still in the other class although I skipped it last night b/c I am just freaking sick of it! I don't like it and I didn't want to be in "sales" to begin with..so now I am trying to wait patiently and see if they accept me then if they do well great but if I only have 24 hours to pay I will be out of luck until Friday! Ugh!!
I am going to work on my recruiting business until its time for the classes to start in about a month or so..good grief its going to be a long wait!

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