Mar 31, 2011

Update on training class...

This has been an emotional day as it is...but here is the update first on my class...BOO! LOL..I didn't get in the class that I wanted b/c of whatever reason they were unfair and didn't put me in the class so that is out...the next client that I am interested in is lets just say another company that is in the same business as the one that I wanted in. The crappy thing, is that the class doesn't start until 5/2 so that leaves basically a month before it starts!! It lasts a month and that's all good I don't mind that but geez it sucks that I have to wait a freaking month for it to start..I am thinking about  just relaxing and waiting until the class begins and then that's less stress on me...then I was thinking well if I did something part time that would be good too so I am looking into doing some recruiting in the next month until the class starts. Will blog about that more here in a few...So that's the update..still in the class I don't want to be in but that's life and I just need to go to it tonight until I get accepted into the other one and pay $50 for it and then that's that...hopefully!!

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