Mar 10, 2011

Tonight is going tooo sllloooowwww!

I swear it seems as though tonight is just going at a snail's pace! Or perhaps even slower then that! I am so ready for the weekend!! I am going to be getting a bigger bottle of rum and maybe even a 2nd bottle of my strawberry stuff for my strawberry daiquiri mix! the kids are out ALL next week for Spring Break!! Already?! So that is a stress on my shoulders. I guess that I am thankful that my training got put off until the end of the month instead of starting next week as planned. So I have another couple of weeks to wait for that so at least that will be ok. I just want to start the training, the faster we start the faster I get to take calls and get some money coming in. Its good money, great money actually since I get a min of 35-40 hours and can work unlimited each week and I get more then hubby working haha! Its just a matter of going through 4 weeks of billing training and then a week of calls and then 3 weeks of technical training...ugh! I can do it..will be fine..its just a matter of getting started and I had thought that I had a pretty good part time job set up so at least while I was training or rather even waiting on training to start I could do it but at this point the man that hired me Monday for the job isn't very whats the word....he hasn't communicated back and forth with me that much so far! UGH! I hate it when someone says ok your hired, sends you the contract, you print, sign and send it back within an hour at the most and then you hear hardly crap from them for the rest of the week!!! I wanted to get paid next Friday for this week and next but doing no work so thats no pay! UGH! Frustrating!!!!

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