Runes of Magic - has anyone played this??

Has anyone ever played this game?? I started the download last night right before going to bed b/c I knew it was going to take awhile and I was right, got up this morning and then it had to do all the updates which took another 30 mins or so and then I tried to log in and no go!!! It won't let me log into the game but it will the site?! It says that its "processing" what the heck?? I mean really??? I went to the forum and sure enough others are griping they are having the same issues and then not to mention that in the activation email or another email right after that one, it says that you can log in and start playing right away...NOT!!! What the heck is up with that??!! Takes forever to download/update and then it won't let you log in the game but it will the site?! Crazy crappy thing! So needless to say I'm ticked b/c I was looking forward to it and now nothing...grr!

I got to log into the game today for about 10 mins or so. I like it so far, went through the tutorial to learn a little about it. I am getting ready for my class to start so I couldn't go running around and doing stuff but tonight after class I will be checking it out more.

My goodness its confusing to start out in this game...still not too sure where to go and what to do and I am not to sure that I will be playing it that much. Liking Shaiyla way better and simpler.