Mar 12, 2011


I am looking for new, quick and easy recipes for a family of 6. If anyone has any ideas or wants to share some sites that they use for recipes etc please leave a comment and share. I'm having a really tough time coming up with new ideas and things that the kids will like. Were on a pretty tight budget and with me clipping coupons now like a nut, I need some recipes to go along with it!
Anything is a great start...share away please!! Much thanks


  1. Here is what I did tonight...Hope it helps

    Sloppy Joes, with apple slices and caramel dipping sauce.

    Hamburger meat cooked well....add manwhich sauce or the cheaper brand. Chop onions, a bell pepper, garlic powder splash of salt and pepper.

    put it on buns....peel and slice some apples... just buy caramel sauce for dipping...the individual packets are too pricey...I buy the bigger jar..near the apple section or ice cream topping aisle.

    Other Idea

    potroast ... add potatoes carrots's my spice list...I know it sounds weird but trust me
    Italian seanoning>salad dressing (liquid or dry packet fine)
    2 gravy packets
    ranch dressing or packets

    oven bake for 1 hour rubbing meat and veggies with seasoning

    trick:chopping roast into smaller chunks before roasting cooks faster
    serve with rice

  2. Hi Rebecca, sounds good :) Thank you for sharing I will try both of those ideas, the apples and carmel sauce..yummy!! And we haven't had manwich in awhile. And roast sounds good too, haven't had it in awhile either. Thank you so much for sharing. Hope your having a great week so far


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