My first child soon to be 18

I can't believe that on the 31st my first son/child is going to be turning 18!!! Man how time gets away from you and flies by and I swear it only seems to go by faster the older that you get.
My son is a great person, I love him with all my heart more then he will ever know. He has had some rough times in his life, who hasn't really..but we have made it through them and he's grown up to be a great young man and soon to be adult.
He doesn't like me taking lots of pics of him but through out the years I have managed to snap a few of him here and there and I am going to be putting something together, nothing too fancy/great, I'm not that talented but something to where I have pictures of him through out the year...I just need to go through all my pictures and then scan them and come up with a way to get them together like I want them.
My baby is turning into a man...and yes I am sure I will be crying more then once that day!