Mar 7, 2011

Manic Monday!

Today is Monday, yep typical Monday...but the good thing is, is that its one more day closer to starting my orientation and then my training. Orientation Friday and training starts a week from today! I am so excited and so ready to get started!! I know that its going to be a tiring road before I get there to take calls, but I think that it will be worth it...just gotta keep the positive attitude flowing...And then soon enough the week will come when I will get to actually take calls and get some great money coming in. One of the best things will be when I get paid! I can't wait for that. Even a week and I will be thrilled to get it! Even though it probably won't be until the end of next month when I get paid since they are paid every 2 weeks and not too sure if they hold a week back etc and all that...surely they won't make us wait longer then we have too already...ugh! But that's life, if they do its ok just go on with it and count down until we finally do get paid. At least I know that it will be great money and I can take care of things with the money when the training is done. During the 2nd part of the training I plan on working while taking the training so hopefully they can work around the work and training so I can do both. I want more money coming in. My plans and goals is to move us to a bigger/better house this summer....towards the end of the summer probably.

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