Mar 4, 2011

Idiot woman kills stepdaughter that she abused and then takes body in trash bag across country!

This is just horrible!!! I just understand how people can be so damn mean and violent to kids!!!! And this poor child was disabled on top of it! They should of treated her like she treated the girl!!! Maybe if we started treating the bad people the way that they do the innocent kids and adults then maybe some of this crap would stop!!!!


  1. I am sitting here reading this unthinkable crime and I am shocked at what some people think they can do with another life. I think this people should not be allowed to procreate.

    They should be given an idiot test when they have their physical and then be deemed unfit and had their tubes tied and penis snipped. There are too many children born to people that can't even take care of themselves let alone a child!

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  2. Hi...I found you through Bloggy Moms..Im now a Google Friend Connect follower and a Newtworked Blog follower..:)

  3. @Meg Hi, yes I completely agree 100% with you!! Its just ridiculous and then she smiles and laughs when they are reading the charges and stuff??!! What on earth??? I think that someone should do to her what she did to that innocent and beautiful child!! Just disgusts me how people treat others these days. And I will follow you back :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    @Angie Thank you for following :) Appreciate it. Have a great weekend.


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