Great weekend coming to an end way to fast!

So this weekend was pretty good, no I didn't get what I wanted, which was to hang out with my friends and go to a movie, bowling and out to eat etc but I did get to relax here at home and hang out online so that was fun too. I had a pretty good birthday was a good day, rough evening but its all good now...until Leon gets home! Hopefully he won't be that bad today and will behave his self! We will see.
I can't believe that the weekend is nearly over!! Its gone way way too fast! Only one more week until I start my training for my new job. I can't wait!! One week from tomorrow but close enough..I traded and decided to go ahead and do another client instead of the phone company so now I am going to be doing pest control..should be a lot easier and considering its training is only 11 days compared to 2 months I think that I will do better and get money coming in way quicker with this one too.