Earthquake and Tsunami devastation hits Japan!!

I have already wrote about this on my facebook but I figured I would go ahead and blog about it on here too. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there in Japan that is affected by the mass devastation that has happened to them.

Don't get me wrong, I feel for them and I hope that they can get through this massive devastation, I am just in such an irritated and frustrated mood today that I don't understand how we (the US) can afford to send millions and billions of dollars to all these other countries and help those people when we (the US) have homeless people on the streets, kids starving and all sorts of other crap going on over here in our own country yet OUR PRESIDENT vows to help them!! I understand wanting to help others don't get me wrong, I just don't understand how our country can be in a recession and all this and still be able to afford to send millions and billions of dollars to those countries (I am referring to Haiti and Japan) and not be able to pour out millions of billions to help our own homeless vets that fought for OUR country?!

I know that this might not be the right time to go off about all this, I have gone off about it before, but this is just the thoughts that cross my mind. I know that we want to help but shouldn't we really be concentrating on our own first and foremost? Maybe its just me, maybe I am being selfish and whatever but its just my thought and opinion on this right now.

I don't wish for anyone to be put through all the crap that they are going through right now, I just wish that our own country would jump up as fast and raise our hand to help our own as fast as we jump up and say were on board to help everyone else!