Mar 25, 2011

Dollar General is a great place to work!

Well at least when hubby called Dollar General's payroll department he actually got somewhere! He called and got through and actually talked to a lady that said that as soon as she gets the notice that it was sent back to them that she would call the manager at his store and authorize her to do a payout from the store's money...thank goodness! Although that might not be until Monday/Tuesday but at least we know about when we will get it and how!! Good grief what a pain in the freaking neck!
I am so thankful that she was nice to him and told him that..ugh! I can't imagine having to go until next Friday without money since were so use to getting paid every week good grief what a freaking day/week!!

1 comment:

  1. that is great I could not imagine missing a pay day as well


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