Mar 12, 2011

Coupon Queen!

So I have decided to change the way that I go to the stores and buy things. I figure that I better get into a routine with the price of things going up up up and especially with having 3 teens and one pre-teen to feed on a tight budget something has got to give!!
So I am going to be a coupon cutting Queen!! Not only am I going to be a coupon printing/cutting queen but I am going to be looking for some new quick and easy recipes to try on the kids too. I have somewhat picky kids. My only daughter is just like me and loves her veggies so we have no problem with her eating veggies but boy the boys are another story!! They act like any of the veggies are poisonous and just won't eat them! Crazy boys! So anyway I have decided to take a different approach on things and have decided that they are going to try new things and eat it or its a sandwich! Because this I don't like that make me something else has got to end!
Sometimes when I make stew, me, my daughter and hubby are the only ones that eat it and another meal is made for the boys. Or when I make meatloaf, same thing, my daughter, me and hubby eat it but not the boys..its getting old fast!

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