Mar 22, 2011

Charlie Sheen

So what is your opinion of Mr. Charlie Sheen? I think that yes he has issues/problems, but seriously who the heck doesn't? I mean really if you were to put yourself in his shoes or any other celebs shoes for that matter, I think that the media would drive me to where yes I would have more issues then I might already have. I can't imagine living like they do with hardly any privacy at all and being in the spot regardless if you really want to be or not. I feel for the celebs out there...all of them!
Anyway, I like Charlie, I think that he's a very talented and smart guy, maybe he just needs to hang out with a different group of friends? And I am thinking that this tour that he's doing will do him some good. Maybe it will get him away from all the crap and actually out there talking and chatting with people and getting to know new people and also get some things off of his chest? I wish him the best and yes if I had the chance to go and see him, I definitely would.
Have a great night.

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