Feb 7, 2011

Wow another interesting Bachelor tonight!

I really can't believe that Michelle is still on the show!! I just don't understand it!! And the nerve of her to go to his room!! That was just not right and uncalled for and the way that she keeps getting mad at him for nothing and he even told her that it made them go steps backwards and yet he gave her a rose still?? That's just crazy and outrageous! I swear I just don't understand men sometimes and this proves that he's not thinking with his head on his shoulders. I just don't see what the heck he sees in a conniving girl like her..ick!
Next week .. . Oh brother and the way that they were laying on the beach and her all over him just makes me wanna get sick! Along with some of the other ladies on the show and others watching I'm sure! Oh well still can't wait until next week! Maybe he will give her the boot then!

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