Feb 12, 2011

Watched Little Fockers last night

So I will say this about it...its definitely Not for kids!! It was good though and I was laughing in the first few minutes of it. Its a little "out there" in regards to certain parts that I really thought were unnecessary but it was funny and good...just not for kids...which I can understand because of the other 2 movies which I haven't seen in awhile but from what I remember the first one, wasn't that bad and ok for the kids to watch..unless I forgot something in it! LOL..but this one was good and they left it to where its open for yet again another one. Could be interesting. And what I loved about it, is the fact that all the original people in the first 2 were in this one..you know sometimes they do a 2nd or 3rd movie and all the originals aren't in it or they replace them or something with others but not in this one. And I love it! So if your looking for a good laugh and you like the Fockers  Go watch it and enjoy.

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