Feb 21, 2011

Watched the Bachelor tonight - Brad met the families

Wow, that was an emotional show tonight, well at least I thought so. I thought that all of the family meetings went great but the one with the girl that works with dead people..which I don't have a problem with that really, but it did freak me out her going over step by step what she does and for him to be laying on the table where dead bodies had laid and talking about creamation etc...kinda weird..I thought that was the one that he should let go but I thought b/c I could see it and hear it in her father's voice about the family business and her taking it over etc etc and I think that he did the right thing by letting her go so that she could continue not only doing what she loved obviously but also to help out the family which they so much needed her too with the way that it sounded.
I can see him and Emily and I can see him and Chantel and Ashley, I just don't know she hasn't told him that she has fallen for him as hard as the other two I think have told him....I don't know..the previews make you think that its going to happen one way but I don't know. Guess we will just have to wait and see.....


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