Feb 14, 2011

Valentines Day - Something special or just another day?

Well today was my 16th wedding anniversary...a few mixed feelings going on here. Well actually 15 if you count the year that he went off and did his own thing with another woman!! We were married and 5 weeks later, poof he decides that he's going to up and leave. At the time I didn't realize or even consider that I was already pregnant. And it wasn't until my son Christopher Brian was a couple of months old before he came back into the picture. And not only that, but the prick made us get a paternity test!!! The nerve of him wanting my son to get a paternity test when HE was the one out cheating!!! What a man!! Should of known and ended it then and there but because of my son I didn't...sometimes if I could turn back time...I love my children and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world...but the man that I married...I'm not happy, haven't been for awhile and I don't love him. So its basically just another day here...It use to actually mean something but not so much anymore. He's not the one that I love and he knows it, I have been completely upfront and honest with him...he knows my feelings, he's not listening to what I say but I have told him flat out I don't love him anymore.
I hope that all of you that are in love and living a happy life enjoyed today and spent it with the ones that you love....so Happy Valentines everyone...is it over yet?? 

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