Feb 13, 2011

Taylor Lautner turned 19 Friday Feb 11th :)

I completely agree with all of these!! LOL

Top 10 reasons it's perfectly acceptable to love Taylor if you're not a teen: 

1. The smile: Whether it's full wattage or his sexy half smile, there's no shame in melting a little at the sight of those pearly whites. 

2. He doesn't really look like a teenager: Throw that boy in a suit, and he'd fool us for mid-twenties any day. See No. 8.

3. His body: Let's be honest, those abs do not belong on a teenager. After bulking up to save his role in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," it's been speculated that his new frame may have actually saved his entire career. 

4. He has artistic integrity: We're not complaining that the Teen Wolf had his shirt off for the majority of "New Moon," but that doesn't mean he's going to be that shirtless guy in every movie. He actively refused to bare his chest in "Valentine's Day," because he failed to see any relevance in the script. No gratuitous nudity here -- Taylor has gone on record saying he won't strip down for a role unless it specifically calls for it.

5. His paycheck: Lautner's wallet got a boost in 2010, as he out-earned even his "Twilight" nemesis, Robert Pattinson. By $6 million, to be exact.

6. His hair: It's always perfectly coiffed in that "I don't even have to try" kind of way. We doubt he wakes up with that kind of hair in the morning, but it still looks effortless. When he's not rockin' the Jacob Black wig, that is.

7. He started acting at age nine: So really, that makes him way older in the business, right? And he's totally not screwed up yet, either!

8. He's grounded: Spending many years practicing martial arts undoubtedly taught him discipline. He lives with his family (he is only 19) and still does his share of pitching in around the house. No lack of work ethic in this boy. 

8. Taylor Swift dated him: And then she dated Jake Gyllenhaal, who just turned 30. if you average the two ages you get 24.5, which is is a totally respectable age and makes us feel significantly less creepy.

9.  His car: Taylor owns a BMW 5 series with tinted windows. He can take us out for a night on the town in that ride anytime. 

10. He's still a werewolf: For the time being, at least. It only stands to reason that werewolves and cougars are a match made in heaven. 

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