Nintendo 64 instead of the wii? Who would of thought?? LOL

Well good grief!!! When Leon and Jared first mentioned buying a nintendo 64 (we use to have one years ago) I thought no the rest of the kids aren't going to like it...they are into the gamecube and the wii. But I gave in and spent a whopping $20 on the nintendo 64 from the  pawn shop and a few games for $3 each. They were pretty cool games, like Mario and Pokemon and Donkey Kong but we need the expansion thing for the DK which we will go get for a whopping $2 later. Anyway, my youngest son Sean, who is very very picky on the systems and games that he in there playing the 64 this morning!! I didn't get woke up to hollering and bickering over whose got what and who did that and so forth!!! I got to sleep in..until 8! then layed back down trying to get rid of the headache...didn't work but anyway he's in there being quiet!! I love it!! No bickering and  pestering so far today! I will be going back to the pawn shops along with my movie hunting to buy more movies for $2 each and also be looking for 64 games for $3 each!! Wow I am just still in shock that he likes it that much!! He's its just shocking to me that he would like that better then the wii with Sims Agents which he wanted and loves too..Its hopefully going to be a quiet day/weekend..I can keep hoping b/c this headache and feeling like I'm going to get sick completely sucks!