Feb 28, 2011

Bachelor - only 2 women left!!

So me and my daughter watched the Bachelor earlier tonight. Wow, that was a good show tonight. I am sorta in the middle of him letting Ashley go, I know that something was going on there and then it just up and got all messed up with them. I hated that. I thought that she was cute and sweet and her family was great and all that but if there was something there and then it up and just let them drift apart I guess it wasn't as strong with her as it is with the other 2 ladies.
I like both of the ladies that are left.  But I am thinking that its going to be a hard, really tough decision because of the fact that with Chantel she's the emotional one that over does it sometimes and with Emily (which I truly love!!) Its going to be really hard with her too because of her having a daughter and that is a high thing to live up too. But she must really really love him since she introduced him to her daughter and let that happen...that says alot because I can completely understand why she wasn't too thrilled about it at first because you just don't do that to little kids unless its really going somewhere and all that. I think that Brad from what I've seen is a great guy and I think that he would be an excellent husband and dad. I know that its going to be tough all around but if he does choose her, I wish them all the love and luck in the world because they are awesome together. It took alot for her to let him in and she did and then her telling him finally how she is falling for him..so sweet. I love it! Whoever he chooses I wish them the best. Can't wait to watch next week...

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