Jan 18, 2011

Taxes accepted! YAY!

So today has been a pretty good day. Leon went to work around 1:30. Found out that my Oklahoma taxes are accepted and the other day my federal got accepted so hopefully Oklahoma this week maybe even though when I call in it says to wait way longer but every other year I remember getting them right before Federal like a week before or so. So I am hoping that they will do them this Friday and we won't have to wait until next Friday for both but we will see how that goes. So anyway hopefully everything goes right it will be next Friday the 28th and if for some reason it does like it did last year it might not be until the 4th but it will be here soon I'm sure. So glad that its tax time. We need to get so much done.
Tune up and oil change for the van
Glasses and contacts for myself.
New mattresses for each of the kids, so that's 3 twin mattresses and 1 full ... I love the bunk bed though that has the twin on top and full on the bottom so at least my oldest son can have a big bed to stretch out on and not a little one.
Each of the kids get some money for them to buy something for theirselves.
Jared gets his money for his birthday and Jessica gets her money for her birthday too.
Jared will be getting a laptop and not to sure about Jesse. I think that she wants things for her room like pink curtains and a bed spread and sheet set and maybe a new desk and more posters and things like that...girly girl things  She wants a new bigger better stereo too I know since she takes after me in that department and has to have her music!
We are going to get a deep freezer and a new fridge for ourselves so that we can put them both too good use!
I am going to be getting new pots and pans, nothing extravagant seeing as I hate spending money on things like that but I need a nice set, the odds and ends are ridiculous!
Everyone is getting a couple of outfits. I am taking us to Ross and Kohls more then likely.
And for the family, I asked the kids and they all agree....season passes to 6 flags! So that will be a great thing to go and do for the summer or whenever we just want to get out and go! They haven't been and I know that they would love it.
And of course the top 3 on my list includes paying bills...Paying a couple months of cable, paying more on the electric and water and a year of van insurance.
So everyone will get something and I am buying my step daughter who is expecting her first child, a boy, a camera so that she can take lots of pictures and share
And myself and one of my best friends a new camera too since mine decided to quit on me and do the dreaded black screen! I have to have a camera...I love my camera and hate it when I can't just  grab it and go take a picture of the sky or the kids or the cats or whatever.
Have a great rest of the week everyone...

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