A heck of a week!!

I am so glad that its freaking Friday tomorrow!!! I would of been even more excited about it but the darn delays with the freaking tax refund just really really sucked and what is worse is that several people on the turbo tax community, said that either themselves or others that they know got their money this past Tuesday!! Yea a couple of days ago!!! How in the world did they pull that off when mine is freaking delayed along with thousands of others?? What is going on? Something is messed up with that when they only deposit on Friday's and then the people get it on Tuesday! Not fair but oh well....just very very cranky!
I am going to take this crankiness and go to the casino tonight by myself since they changed the schedule for tomorrow for Leon and instead of working 12 to 6 or so they changed it so he will work from 8:30 until 3 or so. Good that means all the kids at school and him at work. Sounds like a fun and quiet day to me!
So maybe I will go out to the casino and win a little bit, can't hurt to try a little. Won't stay up there that long being by myself. Will be going to stupid Wally world too and getting a few things that we need for the upcoming week. Good thing is that the 1st is now only a few days away and then after that is only a few more days then Friday with the money so maybe just maybe next week will go by pretty fast. This week Monday went by fast and all the other days sloooowwwww....
Have a great evening everyone.