Jan 18, 2011

The Bachelor!!

Wow, ok so I watched the Bachelor last night. Its been my new "have to watch" show on Monday's now. And omg it was GOOD last night!! I really don't see what in the world he sees in that Michelle girl!! She drives me nutty!! I think that she should of been sent home and I'm not sure why she's even still there!!  She is just out right rude and obnoxious every time I see her she's talking crap and or interrupting Brad and another girl...that just sucks and I don't like her .. I don't like the way that she acts and I don't like her attitude and her looks aren't the best either, not that I am much better but I just don't like her. I like Emily and Ashley the one that he had the first date with and went to the carnival they were so sweet with each other..anyway that's just my 2 cents
What is your thoughts on it? Do you watch it regularly now on Monday nights or catch it online and who are your faves and no so faves on there?

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