30 day Truth challenge - Day 1 Something you hate about yourself

Ok so this the first day of the 30 day Truth blog challenge - today's subject Something you hate about yourself

For me this one is easy. I hate that I have to wear glasses every day. I hate that my eyes are so bad that they have made 2 of my 4 children have bad eyes like myself. I hate that I didn't have better eyes. I don't like that I have such low self esteem because I have to wear glasses, but on a good note, that will stop soon because I am getting contacts!! The last time I had contacts was back in high school and wore them all through High School until I was a few months pg with my 2nd son. So its been 15 years or a little more since I have had the chance to get them. I am hoping that my eyes are still to wear I can get contacts because if I go to the eye dr to learn that my eyes have gotten worse and can't handle contacts I am going to be extremely upset. I know that my eyes are bad and the last time I went to get them they were having to make the thickest or something contact for me. In other words if my eyes got any worse or  changed that much on the negative side, they wouldn't of been able to get me in contacts..ugh! So I am hoping for the best.