May 9, 2009

Teenagers ... UGH!

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great weekend so far. Mine was all right today. Chilly and cloudy outside nothing new, we knew that was coming. It was an ok day. My oldest is being a butt pestering my youngest son, that's his job!! I took my cell away from him since his cell isn't working he was borrowing mine, no more. My youngest wanted to play a game for the xbox and Jared doesn't even have an xbox anymore and yet he says that its his his his and he shouldn't have to let him play it. He doesn't even have a system that works on it so what the heck is the problem??!! Selfish!!! Then he starts saying its all hi his his he bought it with his money!! HA what money?? Money that I gave him!!! Damn teenagers are something else aren't they? He doesn't do crap for chores around here. He gets a cell, he gets things the younger ones don't. He gets to go out on the weekends and then he acts like this so no more money for him no more phone unless he pays it every month and he can go out and get a job if he wants things because I have had it!!!! He is going to work for the things that he enjoys now and see how much it takes to get things that he is taking for granted because I just give them to him...NO MORE!

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May 8, 2009

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I will be adding more later on tonight. I am in a very big blogging mood so I will share a ton of things tonight and through out the weekend with you all. Have a great weekend :)

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May 6, 2009

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May 4, 2009 I don't think thing is working right....
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Up and going this morning...but dang its 49 outside!!! I thought it was supposed to be Spring??!!

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May 3, 2009

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Nothing relaxes you like 80s songs...that song from Ferris Buelers day off (can't spell) that song "Oh Yeah" the memories!!
Listening to 80s music of course!! Excited about Bret's concert on the 16th!! WOOHOO!!!!
Hoping that everyone had a great weekend...mine was ok but went by way to fast. Happy May everyone..can't believe its here!
Hoping phone is fixed by the time I start work tomorrow afternoon!! Hate not having a working phone, cell sucks for calls but love texting
Night sweet dreams..tomorrow is another day and a start to a new month
Tired, taking excedrin and back to bed I go. Feel like crap still ... have a good week everyone
Still up can't sleep..this sucks!

Get to making your money online like I do!!

I think that its important in this day and age especially when the economy is in the rut that it is, to give it your all in everything that you do so that you can stay positive. Stay positive, have faith and be strong. Don't let the little things get you down because if you do, then more then likely you will let yourself get down in the dumps and it will be hard to climb back up that hill to be at the top again. Little things are exactly that...little things. Don't let them take you over with worry and stress. Everyone is going through hard times right now. Unfortunately some more then others. Be there for your family, put yourself and your family first and foremost and then when your doing alright and feel like you can help others do so. But today the way it is, you need to put your familiy first. Thats my opinion, you are certainly free to disagree with my thoughts and opinions.

So to keep yourself up and have faith and know that things might be a little bit bad but that you can make them better. You can change your families life. You can make a difference.

I am a stay at home mom and work at home mom. I am a mom of 4 wonderful children and they are my life. And in order to keep taking care of them and giving them the things that they need and have to have and things that they want, I have to work and I am lucky, blessed, thankful and grateful enough to be able to work here at home and make us a good living. You can work at home and make a living to.

Right now with the way that the country is literally going in the panic and closing schools because of the swine flu, I am glad that I don't have to go to work out there at some big company or even small one because I would be scared of getting sick rather then me just staying inside here at home and taking care of myself and my kids. I don't even like the kids going to school right now b/c of the scare of the swine flu and because all around us the states above us and below us have confirmed cases of it and the way that the kids at school just traveled to TX last weekend and then come back and some are sick...that tells me that yea were going to have confirmed cases here in town and in our own state pretty soon. The kids went to Six Flags and that place is Hugs and says sick all over it!! SO many thousands of people there and especially kids. One of my best friends sons went to TX last weekend Friday/Saturday and went to Six Flags and by Tues/Wed he was sick with the coughing, sneezing, fever not feeling good at all and my best friend was coughing and not sounding to good either!! So yea its scary. I think that it would be a safe bet to let the kids out early for summer. Its the best thing right now.

Anyway the point is that if I can work at home and make a living and take care of 4 kids and handle the rent and the bills then so can you. Take a look at the links on the right side of the site and click on some of the banners. There are good programs and opportunities there and you could take advantage of them and get in today and be making good money this time next week.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Hell's Kitchen is awesome to!! Wow a lot of shows are coming to an end soon....can't wait to see them!! Glad I can watch online
OMG!!!! Very very interesting ending to Celeb Apprentice, if your a fan and missed last Sunday's watch it free on OMG!!!
Work from home and make a living like I do Check this link out
Still watching Celeb Apprentice, I can't stand that Annie chick, the poker girl...ugh!
Watching week 9 Celeb Apprentice on Hulu and omg poor Malisa is just being ignored! They are rude to her &
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