May 2, 2009

Anyone know of any great FREE genealogy sites that have lots of info to help me with my family tree??
Going to do some research on my family tree..good luck to me!!
So hmm I think I like this site. You can post on here just ONCE and it will post on the networks that you choose
Ok so I am trying this new program where I can post on several networks 1 time lets see if it works

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Hi everyone. So have you tried the safelists out there for your business or opportunity? Have you actually put your ad on the site so that you can click others links and ads and earn credits and in return you can put your ad up and get people to click yours to and help you get some new clients coming in to your site. It just have to remember to go to the safelist and put in your ad when you can, like if they allow the free people to put up an ad once in 24 hours etc then you make sure that you go there at least once every 24 hours and hit send again so your ad and links will go out daily or every other day that they allow. Get the most out of it.

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Good evening everyone. I just wanted to share some ideas with you all tonight. So you have a business and your looking to get the word out about it. Do you have a budget for advertising? If you do is it a single digit number?

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Good morning everyone. So if you have any kind of business in which your looking for customers you want to get your website out there right? And what other way to do it is better then free right?? Thats right get your ad out there to interesting people in ads with your link to the site that you want visitors to come to for free.

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Newbie's text ad exchange

Apr 30, 2009

Get in touch with me if you want to

Good evening. I wanted to share with you all a few more things.

You can check out my more updated blog here at Lisa's Blogger

You can also check me out on Yahoo My id on there is Lisa_2900 so check out my 360 blog if you like and add me to your messenger if you have questions.

I have been trying to get it all updated and I need to get back into the mode of putting everything on here on my yahoo 360 like I use to but haven't lately.

You can also follow me on Twitter

Have a great night everyone.

Working from home is awesome!!

Good evening everyone. I had a very busy busy busy and long day today but all in all it was a good one. I got a ton of work done which I am very excited about. There are some days that I don't think I get that much done, today I know that I got a ton done and that feels good :)
So there are a ton of ways to work from home and make money. The thing is that you have to WANT it enough to do it and go with it and stick with it and start making money. You can do the paid to click emails, they work but you have to stay constant with them, like an hour or whatever each day. The point is if you put in the time, you can make some good money and down the road when you have the discipline to work from home, you can make a living from working at home, I do and I absolutely love it and wouldn't change it for the world.
I work a work at home job as a customer service care rep for a great company. I got promoted and got a raise within the first week!! So yea I absolutely love working it. It is a stressful job at times and at times I do find myself getting frustrated with some of my co-workers BUT when it comes to the clients I put that aside and I treat them with the upmost respect like they need and deserve to be treated like and I get there problems solved even if I have to make a call that I am not to sure that my supervisor would approve I make the call for the customer such as an extra % off the next order or free shipping etc I do that sometimes and have been told that is fine so sometimes I take it upon myself to do whatever I can just to make the customer happy. That's what my job is and I love it.
This morning I had a great time talking on the phone with a man that originally hired me to do some appointment setting. I have been so bombarded with things that I haven't gotten to much of that done yet. He read some of my blogs and thought it would be cool to share some things with me that might help me and I really appreciated him doing that and taking the time out of his busy life and schedule to show me some things and to chat with me and get some things out there. I enjoyed talking with him and I look forward to working with/for him for a very long time. He set me up, showed me 2 awesome things that I believe will help everyone one way or another. I will share those 2 things very soon. I have to get them situated and learn more about them and such before I tell all of you about it.

I want to touch base with some other ways that you can make money on here besides the getting paid to click.

Mystery Shopping, now I know for a fact that YES you can make money at it, because I have done it and loved it. Now the downside to it is that no you don't get rich from it. But yes you can make pretty good money with it. The other downfall somewhat is that you have to go to the place lets say K-mart and buy something say for $5, doesn't usually matter what it is so you can get something that you will actually use and need. You always pay in cash and you always make sure you get the receipt. Now after you pay the $5 for your item, you go home and scan a copy of the receipt to the website or to the manager or whoever they tell you to send it to or fax it in. Then when its approved which most companies don't take that long maybe a couple of days to accept it. They will pay you the $5 back for the item and then so much on top of it. You will ALWAYS know how much the shop is paying before you go do it. They can pay from $5 up to $25 or more. It depends on the company, if they are in a crunch to hurry and get the shop done etc and sometimes they pay you an extra say $20 to travel 30 minutes from your town/city and then you decide if you want to do it or not. NOT all of them pay you for traveling though. You sign up and tell them how many miles you are willing to drive and they give you a list from there. I enjoyed it. I haven't done it in awhile, haven't had the time but its great and if you like going in the store and walking around and just looking to see how everyone treats you etc. And if the store is clean etc then you will like mystery shopping. Also there are all sorts of stores to do. Clothing stores, fast food like Taco Bell, Sonic, Long John Silvers and even little places that you wouldn't think could or would use a mystery shopper..think again...I think that every store has at least one mystery shopper, even at the littlest places because the owners want to know and make sure that the employees and people that are running the places are doing there jobs.

There are other options out there to. You just have to look and do your research. I have been hired from and and I love them all and they are FREE to sign up with.
I got a lot done today. Glad that its coming to an end. I was so drained that I took a nap on the couch while watching TV! I hardly ever do that. And got up just in time for the GDI training conference/webinar which the guy that did it tonight...ugh I hope that he doesn't do it next week..he sorta stunk at it! He was breaking out and talking about other things and to sticking to the point and it just wasn't good.
There are a lot of opportunities and things out there on the net and off but mostly on as I have found, where you can stay home and make a descent amount of money. I make my living here at home. I have 4 kids and my husband is the housedad so to speak. So if I can do it, so can you.
Have a great night, and enjoy your Friday tomorrow! TGIF!!

Working working working!!

So Im working and its been pretty steady today. I wrote that other blog earlier and then forgot to post..haha mind going in way to many different directions obviously. So anyway the day is half over and I've gotten a million things done but a million more still to about even..great! lol...hope everyone has a great day...woohoo Thursday!!

My day...busy busy so far

Back up and going this morning. I have been up for awhile...busy busy busy. I ended up getting about 4 hours sleep or so. I sat down on the couch to watch one of my soaps and try to wake up and get into the groove but then the phone rang and I got up and headed to my desk and oh goodness then I checked my work email and things are piling up even from last night! So I was going to work on that and get it done but then I saw a message from one of the other guys that I work with/for and we chatted for a few and then I got the chance or rather needed a break from one thing so I called him and we talked for a little while and he put into some great sites and I'm signed up with them and I am excited and can't wait to get started with them. I need to learn about them first and he said that he can teach me about it tonight!! Yes I can't wait. Hes a great guy so I am very appreciative and thankful that he got in touch with me to get into the things and get it going for me. Voice Broadcasting...I think that is a fantastic thing to get into because if the people don't want to talk to you then you can weed them out of the list but for the ones that are interested then I can leave a website or tell them to leave a message and I will call them back etc...still need to figure out what I want to do with that. Very exciting!

So I am flooded in work already this morning. Starting work in a little over an hour. Lots of things going on, at least I have a drink and settled for now. So I am fixing to tend to the job things and then blog some more about things...lots on my mind today and lots to think about and decisions to make.

On a great note, I got paid today!! Yay a day early so that was a great thing :) I love getting paid early and so I transferred most into my bank and will get things done and paid Monday. My goodness what a day.

Second Step: Signing Up For An Autoresponder And Setting Up A Campaign

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Good luck!

Apr 29, 2009

Swine flu back in 1976, commercials about it on tv!!

Ok so hubby was looking around on youtube, yea hes a youtube a holic and he was looking up swine flu. Come to find out that there was this crap going around in 1976. So bad that they caused a panic over it and had commercials on TV about it..the way that they said it in the commercial though...omg..its crazy! So I wanted to share that with you all. Also the fact that on yahoo there was a confirmed case of a 23 month old little child in TX that died from this crap!!! Innocent little child!!! I feel for its parents and I feel for all the ones that have lost in Mexico City to.
Now there is a case of it in Arizona. So its all around us, below us, above us and now to the side of us! One of my friends said that they had already started closing schools in Texas, didn't read that yet, but don't doubt it. Maybe that's what they need to do. Close things down until something can be done and get this under control before it gets out of hand!!
So its a scary thing. I know some don't want to worry about it and of course we all seem to have enough to worry about these days without the extra stresses of this but if this becomes serious enough we could be doing more then just worrying, we could be losing someone that we love to this crap!! So just take precautions and be safe and careful.

Start Making Money at home Today!!

Good morning everyone. You know if you have the positive attitude that your going to do something and one of the goals is to work at home and make some money, you CAN do it!! It can be done and you can start today!

I am a stay at home mom of 4 wonderful kids. I work during the day while they are in school, the great thing is that I work here at home. That's right I am a stay at home and work at home mom. I make my living working here at home, and so can you!!

I am a customer service rep for a pharmaceutical company. I work part time for them Mon-Fri which is great because all weekend is for spending time with my kids. I also do other jobs here at home. I blog online and make money, I just started with a new client of mine that is giving me some great transcribing work to do. I am also doing a few other things. I am always working during the day but its great because if I don't want to, I don't have to, I can not accept work for a few hours or I can do it in the early morning hours, like now when I can't sleep or just whenever I want to. It doesn't take away from the time that I spend with my kids.

SO if your like me and want to stay home with the kids but maybe you want or need to help with the money coming into the household, there are plenty of things you can do online to make some money.

I started with GDI about 1-2 weeks ago and I like it. I get FREE leads, who wouldn't like that? There is 2 training calls a week online and on the phone so whichever is convenient for you. And there is training sites and videos to help you get started step by step, your never alone in this company. And the best thing is, that you can give us a test drive for 7 days FREE!! Thats right take a test drive with our company for 7 days for free. Then if you decide to join us, its just $10 after that.

If you would like to find out more about who we are and what we do, just click on the link here
The link will take you to a page where you will put in very little info to watch a short 7 minute video, now for watching this video you can get FREE 20,000 Leads!! You can choose to use them for another business that you might be doing or you can give ours a try and use them in our "invite" system page that will be in your back office.

If you watch the video and still have questions, you might want to watch the longer version of who we are, what we do and it will answer any of your questions that you might have. So if you want more of an in depth of who and what we are and do then click here
That will take you to a 20 minute video.

Make some goals today...make sure you WRITE them down and do whatever you can in your power to make them come true in the time that you set for yourself.

Apr 28, 2009

I joined GDI, now what?

After joining GDI your first step
is to:


In order to participate in the Affiliate program the following must be provided. This information, along with all other information you provide us, is kept strictly confidential.
Commission checks cannot be sent, however, until it is received.

For US residents:

Read, sign and return the last pages the following documents:

Independent Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions

Independent Affiliate Policies and Procedures

Government issued picture identification (driver's license or passport)

All forms stated above as well as a completed and signed Form W-9. This form can be downloaded from here in PDF format, or you can pick up a copy at your local IRS office.

For Non-US residents:

Read, sign and return the last pages the following documents:

Independent Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions

Independent Affiliate Policies and Procedures

Government issued picture identification (driver's license or passport)

All forms stated above as well as a completed and signed Form W-8. This form can be downloaded from here in PDF format. Click here for instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Line 6 of the W-8 form indicates "if required". If you have a taxpayer ID (SSN or EIN), you should enter it in that box. If you do not have one, you should leave it blank.

All of the appropriate paperwork should then be sent via email, fax, or regular mail. It is not necessary to send the entire Independent Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions or the entire Independent Affiliate Policies and Procedures. We require only the last signed page for each of these.

Faxes can be sent to: 760.602.3099

Papers can be mailed to:

Global Domains International #30019
701 Palomar Airport Rd, Suite 300
Carlsbad, CA 92011

I work from home and love it!! You can to

Good early morning. I work here at home and I make a living working here at home. I am a customer service care specialist. I enjoy my job very much. I work part time working as a csr. I just got hired to work another part time position as a customer service rep to help out a man that is running 2 businesses and just needs help with getting his people that he recruits to the sites and getting there paperwork in and all sorts of office things to do. Thats right up my alley so I will hopefully start that soon. He hired me through He put me up for 15 hours this week to train myself on the 3 sites that he gave me to look at so Im doing that.

I am also doing some transcribing. I got hired thru getafreelancer for this position. I typed 29 pages the other day from Adobe to word..not bad and easy work. I love it.

Now I am also looking into helping a business called Senior Citizen Bureau that is a non-profit organization for the Senior Citizens. Its an all in one place basically that they can go to and look for all sorts of places and things that will benefit the senior citizens around. So I sent them my phone number for them to call me back and see how that goes.

Next, I also do the GDI business. I like it because they give me thousands of leads a week!!! I am getting over 20,000 leads right now EVERY week!!! And thats not counting the bonus ones that I get!! I have over half a million leads right now!!! If you would like to look at what Im doing with them and see if you like and if you do, get started for FREE today please take a minute and watch the 7 minute video AND just for watching the video, you will get 20,000 leads sent to you!!! You have nothing to lose, so check it out

And I don't work 24/7s I work when I want to with the exception of my first job,I work a set schedule 3 hours a day Mon-Fri which I love.

Apr 27, 2009

Unlimited FREE leads

Do You Want FREE, UNLIMITED Business Opportunity Leads - 100% No Cost GUARANTEED?

Apr 26, 2009

Get your 1 million FREE Leads Today!!

Good afternoon everyone, if you have a business and need more leads, check this out
Click on it, fill out a little simple form and get your leads TODAY!!
Free leads giveaway!! Get your share today before they are gone!!

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