Apr 25, 2009

Apr 24, 2009

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I will be updating this post...I am trying to get a good list of the sites that I have joined together and let you all look at them, see what you think and then possibly join some. As before I've said they are always free, you can upgrade with most all of them but they are free and you don't have to upgrade with any of them.

TGIF woohoo!!

Good afternoon, I hope that you all are having a great day. TGIF!! I have a busy busy weekend ahead of working like crazy getting things done and spending tomorrow with my daughter as a mother/daughter day :) Were going to see the Hannah Montana movie :) Can't wait!!

Hope you all are doing great, if your looking for some places to place your ads for your existing business please take a look at some of the sites that I have joined, they are doing pretty good with the ads and they are FREE and most let you post once every 24 hours and do you know that they actually work and get people to visit your sites!! As the reward/incentive for placing your ad, when the people click on there they get more credits and that allows them to post more ads and do things with the credits and even earn money. So be sure to check out the blogs about posting ads on the different sites that I'm going to list. It helps and it works to get the word out there. I am a clicking fool when it comes to the ads because I want rewards and I want to click on the ads and see them to earn the credits and go from there.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Apr 23, 2009

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Apr 22, 2009

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Apr 20, 2009

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Apr 19, 2009

Changing layout

I like this one to but you can't read it to good sometimes on certain words, its to little. Now if I do it this big, its all right.
Well I just got done watching Amazing Race, I liked it. I can't believe that, that one girl called that deaf boy the "B" word!! There was no since in that. That is just ridiculous. Anyway, I liked the show, enjoyed watching it. I am rooting for the brother and sister and for the mom and the son.
After the show I switched it over to LMN Lifetime one of them had the Natalee Holloway story on it and I have been waiting awhile for that movie to come on, so I flipped it on over there, swore that it said it was coming on at 8, but apparently I was wrong because I saw the 2nd hour of it and that was it. I feel for that mom so much. Then the movie that came on after that was called A Little Girl Lost and the mom believed that her daughter was out there. Believed had faith and hope and never gave up and by the Grace of God she found her and proved to everyone that it was her daughter and that she wasn't crazy! It was a happy ending and I am so glad that it was and that was a true story to. Inspirational good story. I wish that there was more of those kinds of movies and stories out there then the bad ones.
So now I am on here and looking up stuff and getting caught up with a few things and I got a text from my super so I will be working later tomorrow then I thought so that's good, I will have my morning for the meeting cleared so I don't have to rush. So that helped.
Then I get on here to log into myspace messenger and it won't let me log in, says theres an error. So I got to the main page to log in and it won't let me log in there either..so I don't know what the deal is..I don't ever remember it giving me this much crap but it is tonight. Fixing to try again..ugh!
So I decided to get on here on blogger and blog because I needed to blog and don't really care where I post it as long as I do. So that's what I'm doing now and I can't make up my mind on the layout so its yet again changed..lol what a night!
Have a great upcoming week everyone.

Sunday early evening

Good early evening everyone. How are you all doing? I am doing pretty good. Fixing to turn it on and see if Amazing Race will be coming on, on time tonight or late as usual.
My supervisor text me and asked if I could work from 2-6:30 tomorrow night so I am and that will put me as having more time in the morning to go to Chris' school for the 10:45 meeting and that will put me and Leon as not having to rush to get back home for me to work at 12:30 now, so that's nice. So now we can go to Ross if we want to or wherever and get Sean some jeans and Leon a pair of jeans since he tore a pair the other day....oh yea it was funny as all get out!! I will have to blog about it here in a few or later on tonight.
So I hope that you all have a great night and upcoming week. More to come definitely later on...hugs

Myspace is down...grrreat!

Got back on here to blog some and post it to myspace and it won't log into the messenger and it won't let me log into the site! Weird, never had that issue before...

How's the weather?

Its nice and cloudy and cool here today and the emp is in the lower 60s like 63 or so..sun is trying to peek out but no such luck for more then a few seconds so far. Have a great day.

My Sunday weekend

Good afternoon everyone. Wow what a weekend I have had so far. Yesterday was all right, mid afternoon/early evening I decided since Jared was over at his best friends house and Jesse was still fixing up her room to stay home and I walked to the store and got a bottle of the Boones Strawberry Daquiri..it was pretty good. I drank about half the bottle or so. Saved the rest for later on sometime.
So that was a nice little something I've never really done before. Leon tended to the kids while I took an hour or two nap. Then I got up around 9 or so and was chatting online and had fun til around 1 or so and couldn't stay awake any longer.
This morning I woke up and got up and me and hubby went to the laundry mat and got the laundry done..yay fun! So that was entertaining. The kids stayed home with Jared and he kept an eye on them, they were good. Jesse is playing with the little kittens, Jared is in his room texting and watching TV and the other 2 are outside. Not sure why Jesse isn't outside. I have the window in here in the front room opened and letting in the fresh nice air.
On the way to the laundry mat, we came across a dog that was soo pretty but he was hungry you could tell by seeing his ribs. He was a medium sized short haired dog. So we petted him for a few minutes and then continued walking to the laundry mat (just a block away) and he was following us so Leon turned around and went home and gave him our left over Chicken from last night and gave him some water then came back up at the laundry mat where only 3 or 4 washers were open and I grabbed them then we used the triple loader for the other basket. We got it all done and came home and the dog was gone.
So today is a nice cool cloudy day. I don't mind so much that its cloudy..it feels good out. I took 2 pics of the sky while walking home with a basket in my left hand and on my hip and the cell lol in my other hand. .. .sad I know..hubby smarted off saying, its just the sky you've seen it before...what ever I love the sky and the pretty clouds and I'm going to continue taking pics and he can shut up..ding dong men!
I love taking pictures and if I want to take a million of the sky and how pretty the clouds are then screw him I will..I swear he didn't have to open his mouth, he could of just kept on walking. Little things like that is just driving me crazy lately!! More then usual!
So last night I also remember sort of us talking and telling him that we have our issues as everyone else does. He said us issues what issues..ha so I started rattling on about how he pesters etc etc got to the subject of Brian and his wife and I said they have there issues and her telling him that shes going out looking for another guy and then me and him talked that night for 4-5 hours and said some things and then we got on the subject of how I am going to one of my best friends wedding's in July and how I don't have to "ask permission" to go like some seem to think. If I am invited I am going. I am going to Lori's thing in May, the wedding in July and I am going to the concert in Aug. So what the hell ever. I don't have to ask permission to go anywhere!! I am a grown adult woman and I am the one that works and takes care of this family and its my money that I will be using and I will go and I will have fun and enjoy myself and that's that!!! I don't ask Leon if I can go..I tell him I'm going on so and so day and that's the end of it!! He stays home tends to the kids and that's that! So we talked some last night and apparently he doesn't care if something happens between me and Brian because he said that if he made a move on me that I should take him up on it because its not everyday that your first true love would do that..hmm Men! I told him that were both married and I don't expect that to happen and if even if it did I don't know that I would do anything and so forth and he said whatever happens happens and I said yea and who says I have to tell what happened!! He shut up and went on after a few minutes..whatever..men are such butts.
So that is about it so far. Were fixing to eat lunch and then I am going to post on my sites and in some groups that I haven't been posting in and getting caught up on emails and such.
Have a great day everyone.
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